In all fairness,
Most of the desire to destroy the wolf
is through misunderstanding & fear!
We have learned from Dear Sister Lady Wolf Heart,
that in Fact!:
"There has never been an authenticated case
of a healthy wolf attacking a human
in all of North America!"
"The only attacks recorded, were made by rabid wolves,
which were killed & the disease documented."
(Above Quote from: Lady Wolf Heart)
Surprised? To really learn about the wolves, you can visit her
very informative site & others, after finishing your visit here.
Thank you So Much Dear Sister for all you have taught us!

Even as a human, Little Moon Wolf knew
the joys & challenges of being a Hybrid.
Now, some Hybrid Wolves are in danger too.
We learned about a few links to them for you:
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From Our Dear Sister-Dawn! Thank you For Your Beauty!
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Please Get To Know The People of U.S.A. Reservations!
Morning Star Outreach!
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