Native American Indians
& Swannia

TigressLeopardessGardenia & Tigerman in humanform
With Tiger-Fey & Friends

Images Here Are For Your Viewing Pleasure Only-Please

& I'M TIGRESS LEOPARDESS- GARDENIA & I'M TIGERMAN !Tigress Leopardess Gardenia & Tiger Man in Human Forms
Here, we are in human form, see us in our feline (cat-family) Forms!
This Area Also Leads Into A Whole Area of Realms
of Native, Shapeshifters & Wild-Life Realms !
A Variety of Shapeshifters to Come!
Meet Many Other Animal Spirit-Guides
of Our Other Beings, Also.
A Nature Lover's Delight!

Tiger-Fey/TigressLeopardessGardenia and Tigerman
Tigress-Leopardess Gardenia & Tigerman
are half-Brother & Sister
Here They Are, In Feline-Forms !

Little MoonWolf is a New Friend :
Little Moon Wolf Symbol Animated
brought here from the material world !
(w/ the permission of the Faery Queen of This Enchanted Isle)!
Some more en-dangered animals may need to come here soon too.
Meet Her by going deeper into Shapeshifters Realms.Please do you part to protect Wild-Life & Mother Nature,
in what ever corner of nature you live in or where-ever you can.
You want your children & their children's children,
to have something left don't you?
Let us Love One-Another !

A Magical Merfolk & Faekith Vale*
Tinkerbella & Kittie's Emerald Forest Isle
Swannia's Native American Indian & Friends,
Leopardess/Tigress-Fey & Tiger-Man
Shapeshifters, Hybrids & Wildlife Realms !

Hi, I'm Skyetinkerbella-fey queen/drgn skyand I'm her lil' sis, Kittyflwrfey© 99 -mermaid kitty-hybrid

This Realm is the Home of Swannia, Tiger-Man
Tiger-Fey/Tigress-Leopardess Gardenia & their Friends!
You can enter deeper into their sister-realms from here &
& from there venture into Little MoonWolf's Realm!
& To Our Wild-Life Realms!
This Will Lead to: A Whole Area of Realms for Nature Lovers!
You can Meet CalkicoCoyote & Meet StarFox & Lady Lynx
as they begin moving into their realms!
More to come:
PeQuitaPanther, Owlita-OwlWoman & DolphinLady !
As this area of the Enchanted Isle is growing,
we will have to make a directory here to each shapeshifter.
Wildlife Realms Index
For now if you like,
go ahead & travel through each sub-realm to them,
as they arrive & get settled in their new loving home here.
We will also include some fun &/or helpful links to other sites,
in each of these realms for the related areas of interest.

The description of our main web-site beings are:
A Magical Merfolk and Faekith Vale
With fairies,pixies,sprites and waterbabies,mermaids,watersprites
with a variety of hybrids, shapeshifters & changelings & catpeople & animalpeople hybrids!

The Ixchel of Fertility is very special to Swannia & Tiger-Fey, who love children.

Mayan(& Celtic!!) MotherGoddessIxchel of Fertility/jblstatues copyrighted imagejblstatues/Ixchel of Fertility
MotherGoddess-Weaver of the World! Here she appears in her Moon Maiden form
This traditional image of the highland Maya peoples of Guatemala
is associated with crop fertility & safety for women in childbirth!
(She is also parralled in Celtic & other ancient depictions of the original
creator "god" who was (& is?) a creator goddess!)
You can learn more about her & other ancient statues at jblstatues!

The Triple GoddessNative Meso-American/Triple Goddess/jblstaues-copyrightedmeso-american/jblstatues
Native American Goddess/ Here in her three forms
Defender-Maiden Warrioress, Fertile Maiden Mother, & Wise Grandmother(crone)
(She is also parralled in ancient Celtic Goddess images)

torchTigerMan/NativeShapeshifter in Human Formtorchcheetah cat running/ani-imagebar

Swannia is a shapeshifter who visits here,
& who also plays in Mer-Land
That Realm has started if you would like to meet her there too!
Tigerman visits her there sometimes also!
(but he doesn't like to get his fur wet)

Star Fox shamanStar Fox Shamanka
StarFox Shaman & StarFox Shamanka

To Go Deeper into :
Native ShapeShifter's & Hybrid Realm!
Fey Queens Oracle/ani-image
Enter Here!
For More Shapeshifters, Hybrids, Wild-Life
& Our Native American Indian Friends Too !
American Indian Links also.
(Try to Find in Here-Our New Friends: Little MoonWolf & her Brother Wolf!)

dolphinTo MerLanddolphin

To: The Water-Fey
Merland II




(w/ more enchanted realms)

The Wolf Sisters Shield

Thankyou For The Honour Of This Shield!
This Wolf Sisters Shield is by Timber Wolf
Alpha Female Pack Leader
of: The Wolf Sisters

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A Magical Merfolk & Faekith Vale

/Shapeshifters Realm
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(& She Retains all copyrights to it, used here with her kind permission.)
Some American Indian Images were a gift from Kris of The Vale of Lavendise,
Statue Images used with express permission of jblstatues. Thankyou!
Swannia picture for image from LadyO Graphics, then personalized to fit her with swans.
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P.S. There seems to be a controversy over whether to use the word "Native" or not,
in front of "American Indian" . We want to reclaim this word because it sounds free to us,
also because it means the original inhabitants of a place.
We do not want to offend anyone either way,
because we have heard good reasons for both ideas.
It seems which ever way we use the words, someone prefers the other way.
So our minds are not closed on which way to go. ((HUGS))

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