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cats paw/new/ani-imageEmerald Forest Isle!cats paw/new/ani-image

Feel Free to Adjust Music
To Your Own Desire Here.
Lovely Winged Faery or Arch-Angel? animated-image

3d-rose-imageFairies, Pixies, Sprites, Waterbabies-Fantasy Playland !Magic Genie Lad/ani-image

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3d-trans/Fay RoseTo Introduction_Green-eyed-blk-cat/tail plays/ani-image
And Overview of Emerald Forest Isle
To Faekith Vale_fairhead fay/lft image
flwrfey © 99-animated-Kittie-Mermaid HybridWater-Fey & The Elementals of Water _flwrfey © 99-animated-Kittie-Mermaid Hybrid

animated pretty fay unicornFRIENDS OF THE UNICORN_pretty-faeryqueens-unicorn/ani-image
The Amazing Unicorn/Myth & Reality

Wylde Dragons & Centaurs
w/ Pegasus, Minotaurs & other amazing creatures!
animated dragon fireyanimated fay pegasus flyinganimated faery
Emerald Isle Merfolk Play In  Merland
With Tommy-Kat Merman & Kitty-Fey
flwrfey © 99-animated-Kittie-mermaid-hybridAnd WaterBabies-Mermaids-WaterSprites_flwrfey © 99-animated-Kittie-Mermaid Hybridanimated faery

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To the Cat People_ani-cats-pawCatti-Tribe Cat's Eyescats paw/new/ani-image
cheetah cat running/ani-imagebar
wishFae, Water-Fey, Elven & Otherkin,_
Enchanted Emerald Elven Grove
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Visit Tuljin Pixie & Fey Queen's Oracles
& Friends Realm!
Share Innocent Love!baby-sprite/ani-imageLove IS the Answer!!!baby-sprite/ani-image& is fun!

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ani-image/Fay-feather & magicbookWELCOME MAGICAL BEINGS!Fay-feather & book/ani-image
Please sign and see our Guestbooks!

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Wolfie Times Realm
of The Nature Fae

Leopardess & TigerMan
American Indian Friends & Swannia
Tiger-Fey/Leopardess-Gardenia & Tigerman!
animated/cheetah cat running
ani-image/lepdanceAwards Realm!ani-image/dancing-Lep-elf
& To Our Honours Too! Thank you!

Mend Hearts/Logo ImageLovely Fem-Faery/3d image/lft
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Merry New Marvelous Millennium!
& Be Happy, because the future is what we all make it!
Let us envision it as something healing & wonderful!
Ushering In The Age of Aquarius!
"As we Dream we shall become!"

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Brightest Blessings! The Tuatha de Danann!
Enchanted Blessings of Our Great Queen Dánu.
Love to Erick & Shaun The Celtic/Native Princes!
Sending Loving Protection & Blessings Erick & Christine,
 Lance & Thora & All Our Friends & Loved Ones.


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This is a Living, Breathing, Growing Interactive Site!
We Will Answer Questions/ And Take Membership Requests??
Yes! If you wish to give correct email address so we can respond!

If you don't hear back, write & make sure you left your correct email address.
We will answer as soon as possible!
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cats paw/new/ani-imagePOSTCARD-POSTOFFICE!cats paw/new/ani-image
TO SEND OR RECEIVEFayQueens-dragonsky/animated


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Universal Holiday House Seasonal Realms
Celebrate As The Wheel of the Year Turns!
(That Area Is In A Process of Renovation
& Will Be Re-Linked When It Is Ready Again)

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Hi, I'm Skye-Sylph animated/FayQueen's DragonSky& I'm her lil' Sis, Kitty-Feyflwrfey © 99-Kittie-Mermaid/Hybrid/ani-image
A Magical Merfolk and Faekith Vale
......Emerald Forest Isle
A Magical Isle Sanctuary of cultural, racial, spiritual diversity & gender equality-
where all magical beings live in love & harmony. (Also Meet Tuljin !)
With Fairies, Pixies, Sprites, flowerfey and Waterbabies, Mermaids, Mermen, Watersprites,
with Hybrids, Shapeshifters, & Changelings /Also The Catti- Tribe of Ireland (catpeople)
Nature & Wildlife Lovers & Proud Members of Sisters of the Wolf. (Meet Little MoonWolf!)
Lionman Lance is a proud member of: Distinguished Men Of The Net!

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There have been

visitors to this page since January 18, 1998.
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There are many Realms here & we are still growing,
so be sure to bookmark & visit again!
Happy Traveling Through Our Isle!
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A Magical Merfolk & Faekith Vale
.....Emerald Forest Isle
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"Skye-Sylph & Kitty-Fey & The flowerfey Sisters"
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As The Wheel Of The Year Turns
Faery Merry Holidays!

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