Merry Cat Faery's Samhain!
And Happy Halloween

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Merry Cat Faery's Samhain!
And Happy Halloween !

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Samhain is known as a "mystical
& enchanted night,
when magic can be done to benefit
our personal lives as well as our planet."

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" Samhain above all,
is a time to build on your imagination.
" Let yourself feel the very core of your beings ,
"what it is to wonder."
Let everything you take part in on Samhain
appeal to "a sense of mystery & magic "

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On Samhain the veil between the worlds of spirit & matter
is lifted & the living & those gone ahead
to The Spirit World
are more likely to exchange psychic information."

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It is also an excellent time for meditation or divination,
scrying, remembering Loved Ones,
Otherworld Traveling with Your Fae Guides
& celebrating the Celtic New Year.
It is fun to dress in costumes
with our wishes for the coming year,
feasting & celebrating
with friends & family.
Or for Halloween
safely playing "trick or treat"
Yummy Fun!

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Remember To Treat The Cats Kindly
& Leave Treats out For The Fae & Wildlife.
Myth Has it That;
If A Black Cat Crosses Your Path Tonight
It Is Good Luck! ;o) Smiles-Purrr-Purrr!
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We Wish You A Safe & Joyous

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