Magical Honours & Trophies !

Blessings & Awards !We've Kindly Received !Leprechan-DancingJoy/ani-imageAwards Given To Our Leprechan-dancing joy/ani-image
Enchanted Magical Vale !
Magic & Enchanted Blessings !
Celtic Faeries/Graphic Excellence

Friends Of The Faeries

Thankyou So Much ! Kimby !

Fairy Web Poets Award

Thankyou So Much ! tara & Tairy !
See Kitty's Original Faery Poetry in Faekith Vale
& her ancestral Merfolk Ballad in Mer-Land !

Fairy Web/ Believe Award
We believe too!

We are so thrilled to be the very first to receive this award sweet Pixie Pix /pics. from Ulana's Garden !
Ulana's Pixie Pix Award
Thankyou so much !
Pixie Pix 2


Claudette was kind to serendiptiously
send us this darling Faerie award below!

Great Faerie Site Award

Thankyou Claudette!!


Thankyou Becky ! What a Foxy Honour!

foxy award

Click on Foxy to visit Becky & Friends !
Go see beautiful wildlife graphics
(like Foxy)


Thankyou so much to ElsAngel
for this honour!

Halo Award

They have a wonderful website too!


Mystic White Wolf Award

Whitewolf wrote:
Re: A gift to show my appreciation
Greetings, . . . . .

"I have recieved an awful lot of prayers and well wishes.
I am very honored to know all of you people
and would like to thank you with a small gift.
Be well my brothers and sisters
and may the spirits of your ancestors
guard over you throughout your travels,
again, Thank you, Ken "
White Wolf's Home Page (personal page)

Thankyou Award for Kitty-Fey from White Wolf

Thankyou so much to Dear WhiteWolf !
What a precious cherub !


Caring Heart Award

Award Sent Merry Mother's Night/Winter Solstice Eve, from: Christina's World "...I have noticed your love and spirit shine through in all that you have created. You honor everything with your caring heart and loving nature. It is my pleasure to honor you as you deserve. Please accept this small award for yourself and know that you are indeed a wonderful person." "I wish you peace, joy, love and wonder stay well my friends, Christina"


Unicorn Thankyou

Thankyou, Fantasy Love


Kitty-Fey Rose from Atalantha
Thankyou so much, Precious Fae-Sister Atalantha !
You are a wonderful Being !


Princess Gin'is Universe Gift

Thankyou so much Princess Gini! What a beautiful loving Gift !


Happiness Gift

Goodwill Gift

To These Wonderful Beings -
Who Have Been Kind Enough To Award Our Efforts !
It is Great Honour Since They are so Wonderful also!
Kittie's paw -email/ani-imageEMAILKittie's paw -email/ani-image

Leprechan-Dancing Joy/ani-imageMAGICAL AWARDS REALM !in progress/ani-image
Awards We Give -For YOU Too !
In progress-apply now ! Elite-Original !

For Magic Memberships-Enter Here !
Try the Secret Answering Machine !

smallgreen-faery-sprite/flying rt-imageTo Faekith Vale !tiny sprite

Mer-Land/Kittie's Dolphin/ani-imageTo Mer-Land !Mer-Land/Kittie's Dolphin/ani-image

Harvest Moon Face/ani-imageHomeHarvest Moon Face/ani-image
& For More Magical Realms !

Introduction &
For More Magical Realms!
magic isle waterfall/animated image

New Adventures Coming Soon!
Hi, I'm Skye. faery queen-Tinkerbella/dragonsky/ani-imageand I'm KittyKittie-Hybrid=catwoman+faery-sprite+mermaid/animated-image

The description of my web-site is:

a magical merfolk and faekith vale /with fairies,pixies,sprites and waterbabies,mermaids,watersprites
hybrids, shapeshifters, changelings & catpeople !
On an Enchanted Isle Sanctuary
where all Beings enjoy magical love & harmony
with cultural, spiritual & magical diversity and racial & gender equality & freedom!


Sweet Pea/Baby Faery/ani-image
This Little Baby-Faery (we named, "Sweet-Pea") adopted by Kittie from Ophelia's Life!
click on her nursery to visit Ophelia & adopt your own!
Lucky Unicorn Lucky Unicorn ImageAdopted from Ophelia!
(In case you wonder why we plug so many other Faery Friends? 
It's because Faekith love to share joys & we have comradery!)

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