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Eclectic Holiday House
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Seasonal Wheel
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Main Entrance to Holiday Realms
Eclectic Holiday House
In Progress:
Yet, since This is a Merfolk & Faekith Vale of Hybrids-
(of Fae, Elven, Water-Fey, Merfolk, Catti-Tribe,
Wylde-Lyfe Folk & Otherkin)
we will also focus on including a few
holiday traditions for that faith also.
(although gifts may come from various cultures)
This area is very Eclectic to include many faiths,
so it is not strictly Fey-Mer-Sha or Filidh de Danann,
which is a completely  separate area of study.
This area here, is a gift to all our Brothers & Sisters
& meant to be very inclusive of many faiths,
including Gaian-Pagans.
The main section of this Holiday House will feature
holidays from various traditions for fun & friendliness.
Whatever your cultures, colours or traditions,
we hope you will promote the still much needed
emancipation of women too. Thank You!
prettyfaybttrfly ani giffey
This Holiday House is offered in a spirit
of joy & happiness
& is in no way intended to offend the sincere beliefs
of anyone-
nor to detract from the joyous meaning
of the true original pagan holidays that
used to be celebrated differently around
these times of year.
(& are still celebrated thus for many)
nor the various later adaptations
of holidays by Christians, Cristo-Pagans
or any others.
Because we love our Mother & Father
& we also include celebrations
from some modern & ancient cultures,
does not mean that we do not Love Jesus & Mary.
We do believe in the Teachings to " Love One Another".
Yet we also realize that those that said, "And it harm none"
are saying something just as valid.
We also honour the Children of "The Loving Life Source",
(both male & female) who tried to teach us to Love.
Some whose names we will never read in history books,
though they have existed throughout every age, time & place.
We realize that many cultures have
something beautiful to add to the holidays.
This Eclectic Holiday House is offered in a Spirit of sharing,
& includes holidays from many faiths & traditions
but is not meant to represent anyone else's faith in it's entirety.
So Enjoy. May You rejoice in the lovely Gifts of Mother Nature.
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October 31st-& November Holidays
with Halloween & Samhain
Cat Faery's Samhain: Celtic New Year-Nov 8th
Transition From Autumn to Winter
(Including a few Faery/Merfolk/
Catti-Tribe Traditions)
Private Image-Halloween Boo Cat!
Around October 31st-
2nd Halloween Realm is Spookier
with gifs for your Haunted Houses
You May Enter Here. Boo!

Winter Holidays of Yule & Yuletide-- (Dec. & Jan.)
Including: For- Faery/Merfolk Faith
& Other Cultures & Traditions
Very Eclectic-So Please Be Tolerant
(Also Angels & More, will be added as we expand )
Lunar Love /Fey-Mer Moon Magic --
(Last Full Moon before Winter Solstice)
Winter Solstice & Merry- Mother's Night
(to help you learn more traditions now, there will be links inside also)
Christmas (or) also Mother's Night (in some cultures)
Saturnalia / Sacaea
12 Days of Yule
European Yule Cats
Yuletide & Faery Apple Wassailing
(for some cultures)
North American New Year's Eve Dec. 31st
& New Year Jan 1st

Celeste/Snoglobe/ani image
For Ebonia's Kwansaa Page
Click Here

prettyfayFaery/Merfolk Imbolc !!fey
w/ Shamanism
Imbolc - Candlemas
February 1st (on old calendar)
Celtic Date-Is Now on Feb. 4th
(due to modern calendar changes)
Start of Spring celebrated-New Milk
& Also W/ Irish Brid

Valentines & Cupids Realm !!
w/ flowerfey blessings !
Valentine's Day -- February 14th
& With Qween Tatiana
Valentines Pic Bttn

Leprechaun Lover's Realm !
Leprechaun Day Reclaimed For The Fae!
Happy Shamrock Day !
& w/ Irish Merrow, Leprechauns,
Celtic Cat-People & Irish Brid
Story of Her Shrine At Kildare
Original Poems, Stories & Irish Links
March 17th
flwrfey™ © 98 & 99 Leprechaun Lovers

prettyfayflower linefey
Flower-Face Faery Queen's
flwrfey™ © 99-Flower Faced Fey Qwn
Spring Equinox !
Ostera/Eostre -Usually March 20th -- 21st
& w/ Fey Queen Mother Danu
Flower Faced Fae Queen
& Welsh Blodeuwedd
& Celebrate Closest Full Moon too!
("Easter" is on 1st sunday after full moon
of spring equinox)

flwrfey™ © 99-elven maypole

May Eve & May 1st & Fae May-Day Celebrations
With Our Fey Queen Mother Danu (Dana)
A Wee Filidh De Danann Fey-Mer-May Eve/May Day Realm
& The Fae's Green Man
Faekith Eclectic May-Pole Dance
Fey-Mer- May Day-Larger Eclectic Page
Beltane of Bel or Beli -- "The Bright Shining One"
Also Celtic-Welsh Tribes -- Rhiannon Stories
"The Great Otherworld Fae Queen-
Who Shapeshifts Into A Horse !"

Private Image-Faery Qween

Summer Solstice
Fae-Mer Midsummer
With Fae & Merfolk Blessings
Usually Around June 21st

Lugh Lamfada
The Sun Fey-Faery Moon Fire Festival
Celebrate Full Moon Closest to August 1st
With The Celtic Catti-Tribe of Ireland
Lugh was the Foster-Son of Taillte
Also With Fey Cat's Lammas
& Welsh Arianhod's Celebration

Private Photo

Autumn Equinox
Fey Dancing Mabon
With Mabon ap Modron
SunChild of the Mother
Around September 22nd or 23rd

More As The Wheel of The Year Turns: Coming Soon !
We will also be adding a little more of the beloved Catti-Tribe Stories
to upcoming Holiday Realms due to some Vale Member's requests !


  All Year ``- Round: Cards & Love Notes
Visit Our Magic Post Office !

Earth & Comet
If You Are Not Sure,
When To Celebrate Seasonal Holidays ?
Here Are A Few Outside Links To Another Web site,
With Precise Time Information for Earths Seasons, Moon Phases & More
These will take you outside, so please book-mark us before leaving. Tee-Hee!

Earth's Seasons
Equinoxes & Solstices,
Perihelion & Aphelion
Listed From 1992 -- Until 2005
Outside Link to U.S.N.O.
Astronomical Applications Dept.

Moon Phases
Including Moonrise/Moonset Phases
Also Sunrise/Sunset/Twilight
Astronomical Applications Dept.

Fey-Mer-Sha Folk Faith
Password Protected Enchanted Vale Member' s Area
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Unicorns & Fae Unicorns Realm
An Enchanted Vale Member's Area
Fae Unicorns Realm
Inspired by Our Dear Friends :
Lady Caroli' & Her Elfen Love: Chris
& The Fae
flwrfey™ © 99-Fae Unicorn

Tuljin Pixie & Friends Realm !
W/ Faery Queen's Oracles !
& Some Dear Animal Friends!

Mother Nature's Garden of Dreams

A Charge of The Great Queen

The Fae's Green Man

Gaia, The Living Planet
Mother Earth

original artist named Shroud_faerygirl-image

Mythical Ancestress Image
Mythical Ancestress Image -- by Susan Seddon Boulet !
This Lady is a Genius ! Thank you for Sharing Your Art !

Seasonal Holiday Realms will be added,
as The Wheel of The Year Turns.
So Check Back !
Golden Toad Stool Fae
Special Seasonal Birthday Greetings!
& More Coming Soon!

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