Haunted House!
Halloween Realm of Holiday House !jack-o bar

From: A Magical Merfolk & Faekith Vale-

Presents : Lion-Man & Thora's
And Lief & Tuljin's & Friends
Haunted House for Halloween !
Free Halloween & Spooky Gifs!
This "haunted house" is offered in a spirit of fun & playfulness
& is in no way intended to offend the sincere beliefs of anyone-
nor to detract from the joyous meaning
of the true original pagan-holiday that
used to be celebrated differently around this time of year.
(& is still celebrated thus for many)
To skip common modern adaption of Halloween,
go directly to Samhain area-
for the true original meaning of Halloween & Samhain gifs.
(or continue & enter at bottom, when done here)

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The Following ForeWord by TigerMan & Leopardess Gardenia:

"Spooky monsters & such, seem almost harmless,
compared to the dangers in our modern age of imbalance,

w/ the continued attempted erasure of the Feminine from the Divine,
in unison w/the cross-cultural wide-spread oppression of women
& nature
(& the ill effect it's had on the children & men , as well as women,
& on our true spiritual nature & balance & our planet also)
This would be a long list of unjust effects, so we will simply say for now....

In an age of guns & bombs & instant extermination ..etc.
Some of our so called human inner "monsters" have remained the same,
some have changed & some have been healed,
& some are being healed as we speak.

Yet, things that go bump in the night still seem less omminous
when we can play & laugh at our own fears
(or archetypes of past human-fears,)
at least once a year."

So in this feeling of playfulness, please enjoy these gifs!

ani-cat,ghost & Jack o' Laternanimated gif

To get your Holloween gifsCome On In !

Gifs below this line may be captured !
pumpkin bar/ani image

(Warning: Parents of Pagan children &/or children of The Goddess & The Green Man &/
or Nature Religions, may wish to go directly to Samhain Realm-
or check this area 1st before letting young'uns view them,
some gifs. here in this Halloween area are spooky.)

Gifs are in the" Public Domain" & safe to use unless otherwise specified.
Some are animated & some are not. Help yourselves.

To capture these gifs :
Use your mouse to right click on image & SAVE AS.
Rename the gif whatever you like
(simply include the letters : tk (,in the new name)
when you rename, if you wish to remember where you got them.
The word "ani" means animated.
This Realm is done in honor of Lion-Man & Thora & Lief
w/ the help of Tuljin, Skye & Kitty,
Tigerman & Leopardess Gardenia.

pumpkin bar/ani image

ani-cat,ghost & Jack o' Laternani-cat/ghost & jack o' latern
(kittie's favorite Halloween ani-gif)
warningwarning ani-signani-gif
Ani-Spiderani-spiderani-gifspooky-face/ani-eyesspooky eyed face/ani-gif

blue-vampire/facing leftvampire/very spooky/ani-gif

vampire-monster/spooky/facing right/largeSpooky Vampire/greyish-monster/facing right

spooky ghoul Ani-Gif

storm-lighteninganimated lighteningani-gif

alien or devil?Alien Devil Joke Ani Gifani-gif

spooky jacko-pumpkinspooky ghostBlack Cat ScreechWitch & Cat Flying Broom

Haunted Househaunted house/mona lisa/ani-imageMona Lisa ani-gif

Stop The Burning/Image Sign

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