A Magical Merfolk & Faekith Vale
A Happy Birthday !
Tia Tuljinnewgirl1newboy2& Sprite Boy!
Our New Year Birthday Babies!
Adopted The Twelfth Night Of Yule!
(Inspired by our Faery Apple Wassailling!)
December 31st
Birthday AngelFaery

& Happy Birthday to the following very special & wonderful people!
We love you very much!

Birthday AngelFaery

You are each marvelous in your own special ways!
We can't get too mushy with close kin here,
so we'll have to say the rest on the phone or in person!
boy genie

newgirl1Fey Flowers Blessed Be/sign imagenewboy2


Birthday AngelFaeryoctober certificate

Happy October 28th Birthday to TommyKat !
You should Remember that day, Kiddos!
(Great Surfer from our Merland Realm!)
Thankyou for the beautiful painting of the porpoise/dolphin !
Happy Sailing! May the Merfolk protect you always!
We love You, Tommy!& May you keep that Loving Heart!


Lance KnightBirthday AngelFaery
Happy November Birthday to Lionman Lance!
(Creative & Handsome, Our Lionhearted Celtic "Gypsy Prince"!)
Use your talent for artistic expression & you will "wow" the world!
Thanks for always remembering to phone on my birthday,
where-ever you may be at the time!
We Love You Lance! Listen to your Spirit &
Stay safe in your world travels!)

Birthday AngelFaeryDecember Certificate
Happy December Birthday toTeddyKat!
(Our Beloved Net-Wizard! Love Ya' TeddyKat!)
This is a Birthday Boy who loves to talk Computers
& Science Fiction! alien tourist
Since he loves cats so much,
Twila & The Catfaery were sure Kittie got him
something good. He still needs Dragon's Lair II ! Hint.
Better be good! Tee-Hee!

Birthday AngelFaerybirthday bear hug balloons
Happy January Birthday To Erick!
(Celtic/Native Prince ! Wonderful, handsome, smart & kind!)
Congratulations on your latest academic successes! You deserve it!
With so much work & school, we are glad you still find time for biking, surfing & other sports & that you remember your friends & loved ones!
We Love You, Erick! Your future is looking very bright!

Birthday AngelFaeryFebuary Certificate
Happy February Birthday to Dyane!
(Brilliant Genius, Beautiful & Loving!)
We don't know where she finds the time either!
Congratulations on your academic success too! You deserve it !
And also, congratulations on your phenominal carreer accomplishments!
Dyane, We love you too.

These beautiful Angel Faeries adopted from Angel Faerie's Adoption.
No need to kidnap any of them. If you sign-up there, she'll share!
Be sure to visit her to see more kinds of sweet animated images!
It is easy to recognize her darling work.You will luv her website.
Thank You Angel!
Fey Flowers Blessed Be/sign image

original artist named Shroud_faerygirl-image

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