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The Fae's Green Manivy
The Fae's Green Man
(Which also emanates directly
From "The Source")
Gentle Husbandman & Helper to
Mother Nature Goddess.
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In our faith, we believe that
which most call or name "Creator
or "The One" or "Divine Light" etc.
as being similar to what some Druids & Others
call "The Source".
Yet, which we of Fae-Merfolk Shamanic Faith
also call "The Loving Life Source".
We do not exclusively prescribe a particular gender
to this Supreme aspect of the
Divine Life Source.

The Source can be everything & anything
& thus can not be limited by us this way.
This is the source of all creative energy
from which everything else emanates.
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Emanating From this Divine Life Source
comes what some would call,
"Mother Nature".
We can all understand
how all encompassing this life force is,
through myriads of forms.
(Perhaps that is the easiest concept
for most of us to understand.)
Both the knowing & the mystery of nature....multi-faceted..
Next come
(what some would call "Goddess" & "God" energies or)
"Divine Mother & Father" Energies
who also emanate directly from
This Loving Source
(The Loving Life Source).

The "Goddess & God" energies
are able to travel all levels of existence
as needed or desired
& they may appear to us on the earthly plane
in forms that we can more easily understand
& identify with.

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The Fae's Green Man is a loving helper to Mother Nature.
He also helps males rebalance away from dominator images
for the healing of our planet & the Spiritual Rebalancing
& healing of us all.

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Yet, for us, all life energies emanate from this divine source,
"The Loving Life Source"
in more or less consciousness, remembrance or awareness
of this however.
From Divine Beings, on down past the tiniest molecules.

We also love other Beings & Animals,
that exist on the physical plane with earthly humans,
very dearly.
Many of us work to protect endangered species on earth,
& for the healing
& protection of the environment. :0)
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The Loving Source
We believe that as emanating from
"The Source",
Divine Mother & Father
are limitless
& can take on any loving form
they choose !
Even when we see a little flower
we know that the same life energy
that illuminates it,
illuminates all of Nature & Life.

Till We Merry Meet Again & Always,
May the Love of the Fae,
Surround You with Mother Nature's
(The Flower Faced Fae Queen)
& The Fae's Green Man
Nature Blessings!

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The 7 points of The Elven Star
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Remember Us
"Re-member us, you who are living, restore us, renew us.
Speak for our silence. Continue our work.
Bless the breath of life.
Sing of the hidden patterns. Weave the web of peace."

by Judith Anderson quoted from: Return of The Great Goddess
Shamanic Image (below) by the multi-talented Susan Seddon Boulet.
Thankyou :0)

leavesGaia/ by S.S. Bouletivy

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The midi playing is called "Desperado"

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The words: "Iterum Viriscit" translate as:
"It Grows Green...Again"
This Flower Faced Fae Queen Image
of Mother Nature: created by us:
"The Flower Fey Sisters" (flwrfey (c)98)
to celebrate the New Millennium. :0)

This Photo-Image below, is from an
authentic replica plaque that you can get
(made by Artisans of JBL Statues)
of an:
Ancient Celtic Green Man
Carved in Stone by ancient Celts!
This one was found in Dijon!
(& So Is Called: The Green Man of Dijon!)
Please go to J.B.L. Statues
to view Larger Image of Original
& to read the Information
or to order your very own replica plaque!
This ancient stone-work art
of The Greenman
is so inspiring!

Private Image-Celtic Green Man


Celtic Green Man by jblstatues

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