Disclaimer & RE: Help

Disclaimer: We are very sorry that we no longer have the time or money
to keep up with the many demands for free graphics, like we used to try to do.
I wish we could keep up with doing more to help visitors with  that, but it just got too complicated.
Please do not take or write for unoffered graphics, since we are not a free graphics site anyway
& can not be responsible anymore for what other people take & use..
If we are offering to share a graphic it will be *plainly stated* that you are welcome to it.
Unless otherwise stated, graphics here are for your viewing pleasure only.

We also have a web page full of graphics links for your convenience.
You can visit these sites yourselves & follow their instructions for use of their graphics.

For now: You can go here for some graphics for your Halloween or Samhain Pages:
at our  Haunted House.

Thank you for your kind consideration.


Although we pay for our space, to save you from extra cookies & such,
it is free for you to visit.

We don't wanna' state the obvious, yet the need has arisen.
Please do not link to our graphic's bandwidth or anyone else's,
without permission.
If you don't understand why, or what that means
you can find out at the link below:

Try: Sissi's Newbie Page
A Head Start: For Web-Site Building & Graphic's Help:
(The Right Way!)
So many great tips! I need to go back there myself. *S* :0)


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