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Help End Gender Apartheid!

Free *Freedom Fem Graphics*
You May Use these to Help
Stop Gender Apartheid
& To Save The Dine'h Indians of Arizona
& helping appropriate non-sexist or
non-rascist human rights issues.
They may not be used
against the best interests of females.

Please Be Patient As Images Load.
There Are Many To Choose From.
These Are Some Original Graphics
we made for "Free Women" Pages.
You may use them for this purpose
with our permission & a copyright credit.
Please do not remove images
from elsewhere on our site, however.

Please just email us if you need help,
about how to use them.
Please send us your url so we can visit,
and thankyou so much for joining the effort
to help free other girls & women
& to keep American Indians free,
so that they can live safely on the part
of Mother Earth that *they* know
they belong to!.
Blessed Be!
We are only sorry that the Dine'h Plight
was not brought out sooner,
so that we could have  extra-special images
ready for them in particular too.
We will be doing that as fast as possible.
However, Some of these images made for the gender persecution, will also be useful
for this too.

Also Help The Dine'h!
You may also use the pictures
 for work on behalf
of The Dine'h Indians
of Arizona!
It has come to our attention that
The Dine'h Grandmothers have
been leading a peaceful resistance
to try to stop the abuse of their people
which is still happening as we speak.
To learn more about this
on-going human rights crisis in
The United States,
you may go to the Big Mountain link
first & then come
back for your images to make a web page
if you like..

Big Mountain
Please Find Out The Truth

You may also recieve this Unity Award for helping The Dine'h-American Indian Grandmothers help their people
in their Peaceful resistance.
Here is an example of how to give a very simple credit
at the bottom of the page you use them on:

*Freedom Fem * Unity Graphics
copyright FlowerFey™ 1999-2000
use free with permission.

Tiny Free Women Flowers Pic


Then link this little picture to:

That way the link will take them to our Unity Awards
in case they want to nominate you & then visit our link.
This might help others to be encouraged to spread the word.
You may also use it to link to a site to help
females or American Indians
with permission.

That's all you need to do,
& you may use any of these original graphics on this page.
But please do not use them for purposes
other than what they are intended for.
If someone else wants copies, send them here too
and we will help them also.
Please do not remove copyright notices
or add to other graphics collections.
This way we can be sure
they are used to help other
Women & NatureFolk for free.


O.k. Now just right click on images you want,
& choose your "save as" option
to save them to your own computer files
for use at your own website.

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Tiny Free Women Flowers Pic

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NoOne Is Free When Women Are Oppressed-pic

tiny pic-Who next? Free Me!

Spread The Word!
Please nominate someone you have found...or
Those who make a webpage
or performed another valuable service
to help create awareness as a means for
Freeing The Afghan Women
or other Endangered Females or Earth Folk,
may apply for & recieve a Unity Award.
We only ask that this copyrighted work
not be used to promote patriarchy
& not be used against the interests
of those it is intended to help.

Freedom Fems United Award

You may also apply for awards for work on behalf of other endangered females! Unity Awards.

Feminine Human Rights-Unity Award

The following,
Here is a good way
& a little graphic for linking to
The Women's Site for Helping these women:
You may cut & paste those words
& the url for that link also.

Begin Cut & Paste Here>

Help End Gender Apatheid!

Anyone Who Cares About Human Rights:
Don't wait till the Fundamentalist Patriarchs
are knocking
at your very own door!
Act now, while you still can.

To Take Action Now
Take Action-Free Me Logo!
-Click Here-
Outside Link


End Cut & Paste Here<


Be sure that you saved the little image separately too,
to your own computer.
Then you can just insert it where it belongs
when you make your page.


Email: mailto:elfensong@iname.com

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*Don't Give Up*
Cyndy Lauper

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