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Some Nature & Environmental Links,
Freedom &/or Human Rights Links

The Information at these outside links/sites
may change with events
 & we can not vouch for their content
on an ongoing basis.
However the information there was helpful
at the time we visited & put up these links.
Visit & decide at your own discretion.

The Hunger Site

To Help Free Afghan Women
& Similar Issues

Hypocrisy Entertainment Network

One World Net

Free Speech-Internet Television

Wildlife & Nature

Earth Religion Rights



Free the Dine'h people of the Navaho Nation

Big Mountain
Please Find Out The Truth


W.T.O. Protest Footage


Get Environmental Friendly Info.
Free e-cards and e-mail that help
save wildlife!

Save The Sea Turtles
As Commanded by The Water-Fey! ;o)

Save Salt Spring Island

GreenPeace International

GreenPeace Canada

Green Links

For Wolf & Animal Links Visit
Little Moon Wolf's Realm

Inter-Faith "Heal The Ocean" Sites for Newsletters & Meditations:

Members of Universal Fey-Merfolk-Shamanic Faith,
de Danann Champions,
will be holding Sea Folk  & Ocean Creatures Meditations on each New Moon.
Thus to join in with the Inter-Faith Community
on behalf of the Ocean & her Creatures & Life.
We will add special focus on endangered species, Dolphins, Whales, Sea Turtles,
Sea Horses & more.

More Inter-Faith Sites & Newsletters joining in this effort:

Sea Dreams
Look For Dolphin Meditations

Monthly Cetacean Meditations
At Each Full Moon-Please Visit

We thought & We Think: Love is The Law!

"When the Whales Stop Singing"
There are plenty of things to do. Here are a few for now. Please feel
free to network this information. Also, be sure to check out the
following website for easy ways to plug in:

   <A HREF=""></A>

Ocean Sanctity Newsletter
If you do wish to subscribe, simply reply to with the
words: "Subscribe Ocean Sanctity Newsletter.

"Flood the World with Oceans of Love
and Love of the Oceans."
David focalizes The Marine Meditation, shared on all
continents and in most nations of the world
on theEquinoxes.

Doug & Takara Hicks also focalize a Global Marine
Meditation -- originally called the Whale Meditation
--on the Equinoxes.

Bridge World Spirituality List, simply reply with the
"Subscribe Rainbow Bridge World Spirituality List."

For more information on WEHD, go to this site:

World Whale (&Dolphin) Day
June 21st-Yearly Solstice Tradition

Interspecies Telepathic Communications


E-Cards Free Cyber Postcards

Link for finding Animal Rights Photos

Animals Enviro-Link

Earth Day 2000: April 22nd

Earth Day 2000
Be Sure to See,
Their "Don't Be Fooled" Awards!

Earth Day Network

Friends of The Earth

World Wildlife  Fund-Canada

World Wildlife Fund-Global

The Sierra Club of Canada

Rainforest Action Network

Western Canada Wilderness Committee

Ducks Unlimited

The Canadian Nature Federation
(including Frog watch!)

The First Nations Environmental Network

The Nature of Things'
David Suzuki Foundation

Some Important Grass roots Environmental Efforts:

Save Salt Spring Island

Save Cortes forest of Coastal British Columbia

Save Red Hill Creek-Hamilton, Ontario


Traveling Green
No matter how tall or small you are,
you can learn to travel Mother Earth so that you
only "Leave light tracks & wee  footprints."

Green Travel
find an ecolodge or plan a green friendly trip

The Ecosource Network
Plan a green vacation or just learn the basics of eco-travel

Earthwise Journeys
Try Backpacking fun, while learning about endangered creatures

The Ecotravel Center
Take an eco-tour

More Environmental Info. & News Sites:

City Farmer's Urban Agriculture Notes
Let's green the grey concrete cities with private gardens!
Learn how from this Vancouver based web site.!

Grist Magazine
A sometimes irreverent, yet gripping look at the issues.

Lots of environmental tips

The Environmental News Network
Lots of Green News-Mostly U.S. based
heated debates between tree huggers & materialistic economists included.

Environment Canada
Searchable national  database of pollutants & their release

The Canadian Environmental Law Association
Environmental policy & law

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
public documents searches

Interesting, yet Fun Sites:

And to learn more about helpful & "harmful" bugs.
Fun for Kids of all ages. ;o)
Read Profiles on a Gang of Characters,
complete with mug shots. L.O.L.
Most Wanted Bugs

For More Interesting, yet Fun info. on Science & Nature:
James Hogan and Alternative Science

"Green Games":
Help Young Folk Learn To Protect Nature.,
For Kids of All Ages, Though!

EcoKids Online
Games include, "Migration" where kids can help
a whale migrate to escape dangers, such as whale hunters.
Many other good games for learning included.

Kids Domain
Links to many green games. Try "The Lorax's Save the Trees Game"
where gremlins can help save a rainforest!

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's
Explorer Club
Many Games, such as "Recycle City" & more.
Save the planet "Ergon" from ecological destruction
& other educational games.


Eco-Community Websites:

Earth Changes Productions
For more green links, See Ian Connachers article called:
*Surf the Web-Save the Planet*
in *Sympatico Netlife* (March/April 2000) Issue
Thanks to Ian for providing many Green Links,
to the public in time for Earth Day.
Earth Changes Productions



The Green Pages-Directory

Fellowship of the Earth Banner

Shamans Against Violence Banner



Earth Religion Rights

Women's Holocaust

P.T.O.W. Link

The Feminist Majority

National Organization of Women


Free Females-Unity Award

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& For Free Images To Use
To Create Awareness for our
less-fortunate Sisters & NatureFolk.


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*Don't Give Up*
by Cyndy Lauper

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