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This is a place for people & fae-kith
& other such friends
to offer each other
Support & Kindness.
So please be good to one another & have fun.

merrow-mermaid by flwrfey(c)98

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Laughing With The Faery Moon !

I stood in the wind
Facing, feeling the warmth of the sun
The faery-breezes sang to me-
"Your life has just begun!"

We were laughing with the Faery-Moon
The stars came out & winked at me
Dancing delightful shows-
No chorus line, could dream to beat..

.....So beautiful things once unseen
....Unnoticed in their familiarity !

Yet the stars were always glistening
The moon comes right up shining
Yet we can only see them truly
when the eyes so deep in our souls
Are Smiling !

Our Love from within
Glowing like the moon
Dancing like the stars
To delightful faery-tunes

Yes! Even the wind tickles our ears
With enlightening faery tunes !

flwrfey (c)98

Laughing With The Faery Moon !
A Happy Poem Written in Honour of The Fey
by "Kittie" Chatoyant & "Lil'Moon o'Fae" (flwrfey-(c)98
From The Book: "A Faery Merfolk Magic Moon Book"

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flwrfey (c) 97 & 98 & 99
(The Fey-Sisters)
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