Nature Fae Scene-Fitzgerald
Failte Romhat!
(An Irish-Tuatha de Danann-Fall Equinox-Ballad)

Fey Queen Morrighu of Ancient Might:
She has one foot in the light 
& the other in the dark of night.
To fear her not, yet respect her true
is to walk well-guarded between the two.

When day & night are of equal might
MEÁN-FÓMHAIR dances betwixt dark & light.
And shall we celebrate Grian-while we're free,
`the sun and a fairy queen' of Tipperary?

The best of our Autumn Feast...
We leave out one of each-flower & treat- 
with no blights in sight- 
by twilight's passing lights,
for Fey & Elementals & Nature-folk bright,
who all summer long did love us so right,
& did bless our gardens with sweet delights.

Dear Butterflies-we say good-bye,
so take your leave-till next May Eve,
Then come again in your magic cocoon-
to return to us next Midsummer Noon.
When your silken wings once more flit &  fly,
We will dance with Áine on those Midsummer Nights.
At Telltainne we began bidding you adieu,
off you went with our shining Lugh.
Now Autumn is falling & we've seen the last of you,
till next "year go `round" when you return anew, 
for our bright sunny days-& our shiny Faery-Moons.

But when day & night are of equal might,
MEÁN-FÓMHAIR dances betwixt dark & light.
Good-bye green leaves, don't put up a fight.
For the seasons must turn, on the wheel of life.

Traversing freely by Land, Sea & Sky
We prepare to welcome the Morrighu, nigh-
with her Faery Shadows-of Twilight passing by.

Now place a Diadem on my shining head,
I've embroidered your garments with gold & red
& each stitch is sown with a real gold thread.
Come join the feast, come join the play,
for tonight we'll welcome a wild haired Fey.

The clurichaun is busy & the wine tisn't gone,
There's plenty to last the whole day long.
Come join our Feast & drink our Mead,
We welcome a Queen on a Faery-Steed.

These three Branch-Wands Dánu brings to me,
of Hawthorne, of Hazel & of Apple-Tree.
For Faery protection, for filidh poetry 
& last but not least, for immortality. 
..For tonight we welcome some wild Sidhe...

*Go maire tú!* ....
And a  Harp, with three strains she'll give to you, 
so we'll cry, then laugh, then sleep when we're through. 
*Mo cheol thu! ...Go maire tú!*

So, let's sing & prance & make merry all day,
for tonight we'll dance with the likes of the Fey.
For now we prepare to bid the Morrighu, nigh
with her Faery Shadows-of Twilight passing by.

As we paint our skin with glasen dye,
this woad sinks in, till I'm bluer than the sky.
Now a faery tattoo in a secret place,
& upon my arm is a catti-tribe face.
We pictured people-`neath our bright glowing moon,
shall welcome thee, Morrighu-with sweet Sidhe tunes
& our indigo faces ...shining bravely back at you..

Mysterious Morrighu of Ancient Might:
With one foot in the light 
& the other in the dark of night.
We fear her not, yet respect her true
so we walk right happily between the two.

Traversing freely by Land, Sea & Sky
Here's to Queen Morrighu, her intuition & insight,
With her one foot in the dark & her one foot in the light.

Banfhili-Poetry of the:
Filidh de Danann

                  FlowerFey™ ©2000

Fall Equinox usually around
Around September 22nd or 23rd,
(check your calendar for the
exact time each year).
A Special Time when Night & Day
are of Equal Length.

the Great Faery Queen Mother.
She is guardian of
the Otherworld.
She is protector & healer.

Watch our Forest Father,
the Fae's Greenman
as he cloaks himself from Green into the reds, oranges, yellows & brilliant colours of our Feyfolk Fall.

At the Autumn Equinox.
Now the Sun's Light
until it is "reborn" at
Winter Solstice

Likewise, Gréine's light
has now been drawn into
mother earth like a seed,
in her Otherworld,
gathering, nurturing & wisdom
enough to be re-appear to us anew.

It is an enchanting place,
yet nurturing place to grow
strong again, ;o)

For Gréine must get ready to go shine brightly for the other side of the Earth & give them their turn of Bright Sunny weather.

Gréine, Brightly  Lighting a trail
for the Cosmic Balance
of the Changing Seasons.

Ré looks lovely in the night skies
this time of year too!


Autumn Equinox
is also the time to celebrate
The Harvest Home.
We decorate with the bright
colours of the changing
autumn leaves;
brilliant burnt oranges,
flaming reds & golds.
We make autumn coloured
wreaths for our heads.

Then We all circle around
and holding hands
we dance a Faekith Dance
as the wild Autumn Breeezes
  blow freely through our hair.

Private Image-Fey Ring Image

"The Water Fey Are Here To Play
And The Elven Groves' Alive,
The Faekith Dance on Moonbeams Bright
To All of Love's Delight !"
FlowerFey ™ © 98-2000..


Then we go on an acorn hunt
and to capture the season's last
"faery runes", before the snow.

We prepare a Harvest Feast
for family & friends.
Faery Wine,
Corn & Apple Sauce
& ripe red Apples
for each one.

tiny apple tree
It is a time of both
Merry Meet & Farewells,
a time of joys & sorrows,
of comings & of goings &
  May We Merry Meet Agains'.

A Magical Merfolk & Faekith Vale-Logo by flwrfey

Phoenix Head-Private
Bird Costumes This Autumn
are of the Phoenix ;
A beautiful magical hybrid bird,
born from the ashes of
his or her previous existence.
The Phoenix represents
the unconquerable Spirit.


Faery Wings or Butterfly Wings
are always nice.
(If you don't know how,
instructions are further
            down the page)


Catti-Tribe Friends
European Forest Cat Photo

Catti-Tribe costumes
can be with orange ears
& resembling furry
Orange Tiger-Striped Cats

               for this time of year.

flwrfey© 98 & 99-Kitty-Fey Catti-Tribe Shamanka

More Nature Costumes

The Wolfie-Kin Headdress
should have bigger ears,
than a cat's ears.

FlwrFey ™ © 99wolfiekinwmn_shamaness.jpg

Wolfie-Kin can prepare
their costumes
& celebrations now
to prepare for the Wolfie Times
of The Autumn Nature Fae
& to honor the soon upcoming
October Wolf Awareness Month

flwrfey© 98 & 99Autumn Fae Wolf Support Ribbon by flwrfey


Costumes Patterns:
Faery Wings or Butterfly Wings
are always nice.
They can be made with
your home-made patterns
or try these:

McCall's Costumes
pattern # 8332
Children's and Girl's
Storybook Costumes
fairy & princess costumes
with wands & crowns.
(This one has a nice shaped pattern
for faery & Butterfly wings too)

Simplicity Misses Costumes
pattern # 9982-Adult or Children's sizes
This one has Angel Shaped Wings
as well as prairie girl costumes
w/ wide lace up waist belts
old fashioned bonnets
& even a witches costume
with cap & conical hat.

Simplicity Costumes
pattern # 8192
This one has beautiful empire waist
gowns with lace up bust ties.
Drop waist hip full gowns/dresses
& wreath head-pieces.
(Very Morgan Le Fay)

All three patterns are in

             French Canadian & English.

To Filidh de Danann

To FaeMerSha



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