Lammas of Lleuw & Arianhod

Lugh Lamfada-byflwrfeyc99
Lleuw is the Welsh or Brit' version of Solar Son Diety Lugh.
The mythology surrounding his parentage, fosterage & life
are actually quite different though.

In Welsh mythology or history,
(depending on how you look at it)
Shall we say in the tales or old stories.
Lleuw was the son of Arianhod.

About the Story of Lammas
-& British/Welsh Lleuw
& Arianhod & more

In Progress: More to Come

Some of the friends that we personally like
to meditate about & celebrate now are;

The Flower Women


The Cat,

The Eagle (Iolair)

fireWee Small Taillte by flwrfey (c)99

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