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w/ Fae Poetry, Rhymes & Spells!magic slipper/image
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Your connection to "Faery Lore & Faerie Forms"
W/ Universal Descriptions
With Pixies, Sprites, Hybrids, Merrow & More!
This section is poetic interpretations of Faekind.
(More complex understanding of Irish Sidhe
or Welsh Tywllethh Teg is covered elsewhere for
The Blessed Isles Branch of Fae-Mer-Sha.)
Also Loving Sanctuary Home
of The Friends & Kinfolk of:

The Feeorin Friends & Merrow Merrymakers!
& Love for All Diversity of Magical Beings!

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A Little About The Darling Faerie Beings!fey/ani-image
Delightful Winged Beings have been known & Loved throughout the
Earth & Her Many Realms & Cultures since time immemorial!
Faeries & marvelous winged beings known by so many names!
Faeries (or fairys) Pixies, Sprites & even Angels, just to name a few
of these various forms, still an intrinsic part of our collective consciousness.
(& even some unwinged forms, such as Brownies, Elves & Leprechauns.)
We won't try to define them all, for there are Faery Encyclopedias
which nobly try to do so already.
However, we will keep exploring & adding to the connection
from this realm to Faery Lore & Forms Realm!(In progress.)
We will be giving enough nice samples of Faery Lore, of many lands &
definitions & examples of some faerie-forms, to demonstrate that The Fay
have always been here, all around us & for us All, everywhere!
A constant source of delight is trying to define them,
yet alas, they're never fully definable by any one group or person!
Despite co-existence of various Faery Beings
in all places & all Ages of Time,
pretty feyfey

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Poems, Writings & Graphics Here,
Are For Your Viewing Pleasure Only-Please Do Not Copy!Faery Line Bar

Rhymes & Poems Below-by "Kitty-Fey" Chatoyant from her soon to be released book :
A Faery-Merfolk-Magic Moon Book-copyright Flwrfey™ ©97- 99
respective copyrights 1997, 1999-all rights reserved.
This is a non-profit website.


pretty fey

To Wish Upon A Fae
Best, be polite when you talk to a Sprite
Or poof! It'll vanish or run.
For try as you might to stop it's wee-flight
A Fae surely does just what it wants.

Tread softly little ones & have lots of fun
& remember to Believe in Love.
With tinkling bells & little seashells,seashell
Dance `neath the moon & the sun

Then between this & that, in the eyes of a cat
You'll glimpse the magic Wee-Ones.
Catch One's gaze & don't look away
& Sweet Wishes surely, shall soon be won.

When the Faery Spell that rhymes, Shant be denied,
Nor any Sprites Goodness undone,
You'll cherish the ways-
that they pass through your days
And your good life will have just begun!
*To Wish Upon A Fae*
by "Kitty-Fey" Chatoyant -Flwrfey™ © 97-99

pretty feybutterfly/ani-imagefeyfaery/ani-image
What's a Smile?
(if it can't be seen in your eyes?)
What's a Dream?
(if you let it die?)
What's Love? (if you can't give it!)
What's Life? (if you can't live it!)

What's Music? (if you're punished for the dance?)
What's Funny? (when you're not supposed to laugh?)
What's a Tear? (when you're not supposed to feel?)
What's a Soul? (when they tell you it's not real?)

Answer from The Irish Tribe!
Come with me! Sparkling one!
& smile with your eyes!

Triumph! Make it a Dream come true!
Life is for me! & Life is for you!
We believe past time our Soul's alive
& in the sweet Wee-Ones!
& we're `gonna live this life with Spirit
& keep feeling, in this life & then beyond!

"When Irish eyes are smiling,
the whole world's bright & gay!"
& When you find the Emerald Isle,
you've found The Land of Fay!

by "Kitty-Fey" Chatoyant
-flwrfey™ © 97-99

Written for my Mother in Heaven (Who can never be erased!)
(Keeping Her Friends of the Faeries alive, has filled my life with grace!)

pretty feyfeyFaery Line Bar

A few little descriptions of the few Fay-forms names
mentioned above for now:
These illustrations below: Resemble Feeorin!

Above/ "Hawthorne Fairie" by Cicely Mary Barker!
from: The Flower Fairies Sweet Diary!
You will love her book! Try to get your own!

Feeorin = These little faeries are greenish & usually wear
tiny red caps on their wee heads.
They are very playful & enjoy mostly innocent mischief!
They are loving & most often kindly to human-beings & animals.
So friendly that they often try to warn beings of impending dangers so the trouble can be avoided.
Feeorin is a plural or collective name for them & they do enjoy Fairy Rings!
hughes/midsummernights dream image
faery-riddle, can tell me who this picture above, is by?
(The Original Artist & Book)
(Hints = Hughes & midsummer...)

Private Image-Fey Ring Image

Fairy-Ring = The Fairy Ring Mushroom usually is found
marking the territory of the fairy ring as the names imply.
When Faeries are singing & dancing & flitting about in their Fairy Ring
music sprite imagewith their tiny musical instruments playing,music sprite image
it is entirely entrancing to the human ear.
The enchanting music lures you into the Faery Ring --
cat time imagewhere linear-time no longer exists!cat time image
What seems like moments inside the Faerie-Ring dimension
could be days in human time.
(The saying -- "Time flys when you are having fun",
becomes an understatement in this context.)
Once enchanted inside the ring, a person rarely escapes,
unless a human chain is formed to pull the person out.
Needless to say, once out, the person finds that they have "missing time",
in that they were missing from the human-realm much longer than it seemed to them.
The person has no lasting ill effect other than an occasional yearning to return,
as long as nobody is mad at them for being absent during the time they were enchanted.
Private Image-dancing faery ring /image

seashell bar image
private-kitty merbar image

Merrow = Merrow are the Irish form of Merfolk!
flwrfey™ © 98 & 99 Irish-Merrow
They too, wear little red caps & their's are made from feathers.
There are a few stories about them,
but I will tell you my favorites for now.
Legend says that if their little red cap is stolen, then they can't return
to their Mer-Land home in the deep sea, until they somehow retrieve it.
Female merrows are incredibly pretty & benevolent.
They sometimes fall in love and willingly marry fishermen
or men who linger about the ocean a great deal. This is because,
the male-merrow have unattractive scratchy-scales on their faces
in place of where a human male would grow a beard.
If the human male is clean shaven regularly or keeps his beard soft
(not prickly) then the female merrow (or Irish Mermaid) will be a sweet wife.
In modern times to spot she-merrows is a sign of great surf. ("surfs up!")
It used to be an omen of a storm, to see an Irish Mermaid,
since the male-merrow wanted to ward the human males away from them,
although they mean no real harm. Some myths say that the male-merrow
sometimes shapeshifted or disguised themselves as gentle bovine type animals
and wandered the beach, curious about humans and about how
the female merrows among the humans were doing.
It is unfortunate for them that the female-merrow are often repulsed by them,
because they are really very friendly.
So if you see one don't hurt his feelings,
by allowing his scaly face to frighten you. O.K.?
scaly face sea creature
merbar image
butterfly ani-image
Faery Islands? = Land of the Fay!
Most legends (especially European & Pictish-Celtic,)
place it on the Irish Island
(also known as "The Emerald Isle",)
or at a remote island off of the Irish Coast
or an invisible island in the Irish Channel!
However I will demonstrate later
that many cultures share this legend!
The theme is so similar, it's remarkable!
Why? For now you can go to our Introduction Realm
and you will discover the Isle attributes & secret location,
& why the above is true!
"Fairy Islands "are often described in legends & stories as:
Elusive Magical Islands where everything is delightful & happy,
the weather is always beautiful (like spring or early summer)
& the beings are eternally healthy, & do not age. They have
the abilities of magic & intuition! Some describe the islands as
invisible or only visible at night or under a full or new moon.
Some claim it is afloat & thus moves & some claim that it is
underwater & only pops up above the surface under the right conditions.
That's o.k. you should understand the secret after you read
The Emerald Isle Overview in our Introduction Realm!
faery island/ani-image

fey/ani-imageFaery Bellsfey
Faery Bells are used on the harnesses of the faery horses in
Faeries Rades. (more on this later)
Faery Bells are used to ward off evil spirits.wink/ani-image
Some people say they can be used to ward off Fay,
but that is because tinkling bells keep the Fay invisible
to evil spirits or mean-spirited humans. Although they
would serve to ward off bad trolls or mean goblins --
(who prefer loud clanging deep sounding bells) --
stone troll/ani-image
Thus explaining the confusion among humans regarding this.fey
pretty feySo it is little tinkling bells that attract & delight the Fay!

feyBlue Bells
Blue Bells are intricately interwoven with faery enchantments.
It was sometimes thought, that for a human to hear a blue-bell ring,
was a sign of their impending doom, or that they would soon die.
Likewise, this was only true for a cruel violent man who was
illiberal to the Ladies, Lads & Lassies!
(Especially if he did not mend his ways quick.)
Blue Bells are good luck for the kind-hearted!
If a nice person hears a Faery Blue Bell ring, it is a sign
that they will be welcome in "heaven" or "Summerland"
when they pass from their current mortal life.
So be of good cheer & lighten your hearts!

New Adventures Coming Soon!

Hi, I'm Skye-Sylphtinkerbella -fairyqn dragonsky ani-imageand I'm her lil' sis, Kitty-Fey
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