Fae-Mer-Sha Folk Faith
Artistic Fey-Picture by Outwaite

In keeping with our faith
one should believe that both male & female
are created in the Image of the "Divine"
(or "Supreme Love Life Energy")
& that both genders of any given race
have every potential for spiritual equality.

Universal Fae-Mer-Sha Folk Faith
branched out from an older "Fey-Folk Faith"
so as to include more people from all over,
at their request..
Thus the children later added this
Universal Branch
to include what is called:
Fae-Mer-Sha Faith
in what are modern usage words
that most could understand.

(However "Blessed Isles Branch"
includes the older "Fey-Folk Faith"
& with the Filidh de Danann" focuses
more on the Pretannic Isles..
If that is the branch you are interested in,
then there is a link at the
bottom of this page that you can take there.)

We have received many sincere requests & even pleadings
that we share the knowledge of our faith with others !
(Especially from many of our Enchanted Vale Members.)
This Faith is very precious to us all.
We do not want to just "tell all"
& some things are too precious
to risk revealing to the general public at large.
We ask that if you are not sincere, that you do not continue.
For now, it is best that we share this with the Members
that so lovingly requested it of us.
Also we are unable to provide extensive
in-depth teachings on line.
This will only familiarize you with some very basic concepts,
that anyone might find enriching
or just to help you understand what such other people believe.
(To each his or her own, of course.)
Yet we want to make some simple basic ideas
accessible to others to enjoy.

However, You need not belong to any particular religion
to have Fey, Mer or Animal Spirit Guides though
or to feel a connection with Nature.
We are all born with  that innate capacity.
What ever faith you choose should simply
help you honour those connections positively,
while honouring  your own soul
& that of others.
Anything in addition, is just extra benefits or detractions
from that, depending on what it is, what you do with it,
what else you believe in & feelings & so on.

Our particular Nature Folk Faith is designed to honour
those natural connections
while maintaining free will of your own soul.
It is also designed so we can learn
& celebrate other fun, interesting & perhaps helpful  things.
We encourage artistic & poetic pursuits, for one example.
We respect heroic ideals, for another example.
We are not above harmless fun & merrymaking though.
We are getting along happily, so if our faith pleases you
that's wonderful,
if it is not your thing, then just live & let live,
hope you enjoyed hearing another view,
Best Wishes, Take Care & Blessed Be. ;o)

Note: This is a unique "Fey-Faith" not to be confused
with any other or those that currently charge money for lessons.
(They may need to charge money to offset their overhead & time expenditure,
& we do not judge them for this.
Yet, we would like to try to share with genuine seekers
without charging money.)

You are welcome to say
a little loving prayer or blessing
for us instead
or send us some loving good-wishes. *S*
We will surely be wishing you loving good-wishes too!

This knowledge can not be imparted over-night.
So, please be patient as these realms are growing
& more & more answers, or the ways to find them yourselves,
will appear.
Some of these ideas may seem a little strange to you at first.
Other ideas will seem so right & somehow familiar
to your inner spirit, that you will jump for joy !
Take your time absorbing the ideas & just relax & feel happy.
There is no need to rush or pressure or force yourself
& you need not instantly know or even agree with everything
in order to find this unique learning experience rewarding.flying fey /ani-bar
You will find this is a very loving Faith!
Full of playfulness & joy !
We are definitely not a particularly stoic lot.
We may become deeply concerned about loved ones or just-causes,
yet our playful spirits chase away melancholy rather quickly.

You need not even take the ribbons out of your hair nor give up
the occasional giggle-fits to be a feminist in our faith!
And you need not be a "macho" bully to be a "real man" either!
Sound Freeing already? Well, it is! Yeah!
flying fey /ani-bar

We have fewer "strict-rules" than most faiths,
but those we do have, are very important & mostly involve,
love, loyalty, protection & re-balancing & acceptance.
We actually have very high-morals where it most counts.
Innocent Mischief & Playfulness is not outlawed,
except only that it harm no one.
There will be  Links  to take you to  Blessings, Songs & Guidelines
as they become ready for viewing & sharing.
They are already written in our hearts !
& may already be in your hearts too !

In our Fey-Mer-Sha faith, we believe in
who or what, most call or name "Creator
or "Divine Light" etc. as
(being similar to what some Druidic folk
& some other Faiths also name as, or:)
"The Source".
Yet, which we of Fey-Mer Sha Faith
also call "The Loving Life Source".
In Universal Fae-Mer-Sha,
We do not *exclusively* prescribe
a particular gender
to this Supreme aspect of the
Divine, Life Source.

The Source can be everything & anything
& thus can not be limited by us this way.
(Even in The Blessed Isles Branch-Filidh de Danann,
which honours Dánu/Dana as Great Mother,
of The Tuatha de Danann.
she is understood by some as a Light/Dark-
Gynandrous Primal Mother
who can appear in any form she chooses.)
Her son, the Daghda is sometimes called "All Father",
"Eochaid Ollathair", as a term of endearment by some.
The name DaDa & then Dá & even Daddy,
as a term of endearment for human fathers,
likely first came from the Daghda. ;o) wink
A term of endearment for human Mommys
is Mamaí. (Mom-may)

The "Loving Life Source" is
the source of all creative energy
from which everything else emanates.
Emanating From this Divine Loving Life Source
comes what some would call,
"Mother Nature".
We can all understand how all encompassing
this life force is, through myriads of forms.
(Perhaps that is the easiest concept
for most of us to understand.)
Both the knowing & the mystery
of nature....multi-faceted..
Also, come (what some would call,
(for lack of better modern english words)
"Goddess" & "God" energies....... or)
*"Divine Mother & Father" Energies*
who also emanate directly from
This Loving Source
(The Loving Life Source).
The "Goddess & God" energies
are able to travel all levels of existence
as needed or desired
& they may appear to us on the earthly plane
in forms that we can more easily understand
& identify with.
Yet, for us, all life energies emanate
from this divine source,
in more or less consciousness, remembrance
or awareness of this however.
From Divine Beings & Energies,
on down past the tiniest molecules.
& smaller.

We also love animals,
that exist on the physical plane
with earthly humans, very dearly.
Many of us work to protect
endangered species
on earth & for the healing
& protection of the environment.
tiny apple tree
flwrfey (c)98


Dancing, singing, musical delight, artistry, fun costume-making,
harmless play-acting, poetry, & not "acting your age"
are all allowed & even embraced
in all branches of Fae-Mer-Sha! *S*

Some of our Celebrations of Life are called "traditions"
or simply seasonal celebrations or other kinds of celebrations
that add an unexplainable richness & joy,
yet are not required "rituals" of our faith.
We also celebrate the Seasonal Wheel,
The Solstices & Equinoxes,
as well as the Fire Festivals.

We also Celebrate each Faery Moon,
with a secret Mer & Faekith-Spirit Gathering,
& blessings of Nature.

Dark Moons are for the Water-Fey
& mysteries of the Deep Seas
of the Ancestors.

We have an SeaFolk & Ocean Meditation
on each New Moon, that is open to all of
the inter-faith community.

As a "Shamanic-like" type of Folk Faith ,
we spiritually shapeshift
& traverse The Otherworld
in our dreams & visions.
Thus we are often met by Spirit-Guides,
who may be Merfolk, Fae or Animal Spirit-Guides.
Seership is a blessed gift of the Fey.
We are animistic & believe all life is embued with spirit
All life is embued with natural magic.
Walkers between Worlds, may be chosen by the Fey
themselves, rather than picked out by the community.
Although, they will undoubtedly use "shamanic-techniques"
in  their travels, that is the difference between this &
what others call traditional "shamanism". ;o)
There is no one single word that encompasses all
we do in association with our guides.

Some of the labors of Love,
that we enjoy, are planting & nursing trees,
& caring about Animals & Wyldelyfe.
We want to help turn the Earth back into
A Faery Land Nature Paradise. ;o)
tiny apple treetiny apple tree

Fae-Kith are naturally (innately) magical,
they usually become aware of this gift from early childhood
though they may not know what it is called.
They may even become surprised when they are first told
they are somewhat different in that regard.
They have been "practicing" magic naturally,
before even being taught anything about it
Yet, in our faith one can cast a circle
if it helps them envision
"magical aid" but it is not required.
If you do cast a fae-faith magical-aid circle however,
call ALL elements to protection of each of the directions.
This is a bit more of a feat to handle at first for some,
yet it can be even more effective in some ways.
(If you are a member of our Faith you can request
the more in depth lesson on this before trying this.)
Or one can simply feel one's self as innately "magical"
in whatever time & place they may be & make a "positive wish",
whether they be in a field of flowers or riding along in a car.
Most beings, naturally do both, at various times anyway.
Another way you can envision it is,
that wherever you are standing is Sacred Ground
on our Dear Mother Earth,
or when swimming in the Sea or even fresh water,
or even while up flying in the Sky....
You can envision yourself encompassed in a beautiful bubble
of Love & Rainbow Light.
This sacred space can move around with you.
Tell yourself that only "goodness" can enter this beautiful bubble
of Love & Life that surrounds you.
Negative energies will just bounce off of it, unable to enter.
If you re feeling drained or invaded, just cleanse & restrengthen
& renew yourself & your own Faekith Bubble, to rejuvenate.

Fey Friendsflying fey /ani-bar
"Tuatha de Danann"
means literally:
Tribe of Dánu
"The Children of the Goddess Dánu" !
We also have a male-mentor spirit-guide
called :
"The Fae's Green Man"

We also believe in a "The Source"
who is limitless & can appear in any form.
Our Primal Mother is Dánu. .
She is a compassionate
who is the
Mother of All the "Gods & Goddesses"
of The Tuatha de Danann..
& all Divine Creatures Great & Small.
Dánu is at the very heart of compassion.
If your devotion is to her & her Children
is sincere, you will especially enjoy
the Blessed Isles Branch.

Yet we also welcome those who know Godde/Goddess/Creator/Creatress
by another name or names as
Our Divine Mother & Father,
into our Universal Fae-Mer-Sha.
Those on any chosen path to reach
Eternal Love.
flying fey /ani-bar

One would need to understand our faith in their heart of hearts,
to comprehend why we believe in love for all beings & nature.
To make this comprehension readily accessible,
we will simply explain
one beautiful aspect of our faith.
We perceive what some call the "creator"
as unlimited by mortal restrictions!
Unlimited to a strictly human male or human female form.
Unlimited by being "made completely into the image" of
whatever physical form/colour or gender
the ruling political/religious or social class
happens to hold at the time.
Unlimited by time or space.
So for us, is most accurately described as
"The Source of Love"
or as some would describe as having all attributes
like Unlimited Loving Energy
(like a "Loving Eternal Shapeshifter" would be.)
Meaning that being unlimited, the Creator/Creatress
can appear in
whatever form she/he *(Yje) desires!
And Being merciful, will often appear at times of great need
or crisis or at the moment of your passing
in whatever form you recognize as most comforting.
(Note: This has also been validated by millions
of N.D.E.'s, O.B.E.'s; etc.
of people of various cultures.)
* "Yje": is a non-gender specific word for the pronouns: he/she/him/her.
(his-self or her-self would be Yje-self)
Heeeeeello!!! Isn't it about time we had such a words!

Only when one has opened one's spirit enough
& looked beyond any cultural or social conditioning,
does one realize the unlimited diverse potential
& omnipotent loving nature of this
Supreme Source
of Eternal Love & Life!

Thus one could say, that in Universal Fey-Mer-Sha,
we do believe in  Divine Being, (so to speak)
which can take any loving form ("she/he") *"Yje" wants to.
So, whether you believe this is a Heavenly Mother & Father,
so one in their purpose that together they are as One,
& equally joined as one Supreme Being & as one Couple,
or if you believe that the Supreme Being/s
has the qualities of both & all
& thus can express in either gender (or both)
at any given moment-
is up to the dictates of your own heart.
(Of course, as long as it does not attempt to "trap" The "Creator" exclusively
& supposedly "eternally & infallibly" in the image of one gender
in order to "trap" oppress the other gender into subordination!)

The Loving Source
We believe that as emanating from
"The Source",
our Divine Mother & Father
are limitless
& can take on any loving form
they choose !
Even when we see a little flower
we know that the same life energy
that illuminates it,
illuminates all of Nature & Life.

The important idea is Love.
Thus, to know that "The Source" is Loving
& that we should love one another,
is beautifully wise & accepting, according to our faith.

In keeping with our faith
one should believe that both male & female
are created in the Image of the "Divine"
(or "Supreme Love Life Energy")
& that both genders of any given race
have every potential for spiritual equality.
Fey Friendsflying fey /ani-bar

And for some this love seems, just "too good to be true"
like a beautiful "nirvana"
they wish were true, but dare not hope to believe in.
These are but a few examples of how one might feel..
Some incorporate the knowledge found in our faith into their
own system of beliefs & for others this is the Primary Faith
they have been looking for all of their lives!

Of course, No one has exclusive ownership
The Source of the Limitless Loving Energy
or of human-understanding.
We are also under-going a learning process,
as more & more is revealed to us too.
We hope that you will at least be enriched by our Faith,
on some level that deepens the love & joy in your heart & soul..

The important thing is that the expressions of love
that they encompass & teach us,
are made accessible to you in a way that
you are comfortable with

Try to experience this as a beautiful Adventure!flying fey /ani-bar

Our Mother-Mentor Spirit Guide can express herself as
Dánu (or Dana, Anu, Oryana)
( & other endearing names known to our faith also)
The Faery-Merfolk-Nature Queen Mother
(The first & greatest expression of Mother Nature Life )
Also called The Nature-Faery Queen Mother
(as the Fey encompasses the Water-Fey
& Nature already, anyway)

See Mother Nature's Realm

A Beautiful Butterfly Winged Fae Queen
often appears as a Spirit-Guide
in my Other-World Travels
or Dream Quests.

See Butterfly Fae Queen
OtherWorld Travels-Realm

A Fae Archer Queen
also appears at times.
Who the Fae Call by "Diviana of The Fae".
Her arrows vivify, colourize & enliven,
rather than causing harm.
Yet she is also in that sense
she is like unto the Archer Aspect of
Brighid of The "Celts". (Brid)
who as the Archer has the three arrows
called wisdom, intuition & inspiration.

leaf bar
Our Divine Loving Male Mentor/Spirit-Guide:
can express himself as "The Fae's Green-Man"
(Please do not confuse him
with some patriarchal interpretations of him)
He does not rule over Mother Nature, but is rather the
"husbandman" to Mother-Nature,
(in her various forms)
who assists in lovingly helping in the protecting of nature
& helps humans to balance
away from male-dominator images.
We will tell you more about this marvelous mentor later!

One main difference between our faith & many others
is that we do not see the "female aspect" of "The Divine Being"
or "Godhead/Goddesshead" (however you may name this)
as subordinate or even less important or less "powerful"
than the male aspect, as patriarchy does.
Instead we view Female & Male divinity
as ideally balanced & harmonized.
This is not the same thing as polarized though,
as they both (& their energies) emanate from
The Loving Life Source as mentioned..
neither can be relegated solely to a positive or negative pole.

So Do You Believe in Duality Concepts of Gender Polarization?
Well, not really.
If so how would we decide who deserves the negative assignment?
There is no need to do that stuff, because you can become whole.
Thus you will find more lasting happiness.
We believe in "Swirling Harmony" instead.

Ideally, there would be no oppression or domination
based on race or gender & all beings could be loved.
Always remember ,
It is against the Fae, for males to rule over females.
This fact can never be changed by humans.
(And that includes Mother Nature. ;o) wink)
So you might as well start being nice. ;o) wink
So far, Males of our Faith are some of the most
enlightened & loving in the whole world.

See The Fae's Green Man Realm

Many people see the need for more equality
regardless of their religious,
cultural or social conditioning or beliefs.

flying fey /ani-bar

It is said that,
Ancient Pre-Celtic & Many "Celtic" People revered
Dánu: as The Mother of all "Gods" & "Goddesses"
"The Fey Queen Giver of Life"
We envision her as Dánu & as The Faery Queen Mother,
She is also a Maiden-Mother whenever she wants,
since she is ever replenishing.
We envision ourselves as her loving children.
So in this regard we are all "Tuatha de Danann" !
Also, The Fae's Green man is our male mentor,
who helps us with understanding the things
he can share with us too..

We also envision various types of Merrow/
Merfolk as forms of Water-Fey.
They include "Mermaids, Mermen" & all types of Water-Sprites,
whether of the oceans/seas, lakes, rivers, streams, ponds,
or even of a tiny pool of water, a rain-puddle
or dew-drops in a flower!
Thus all types of Fey & Water-Fey,
as well as hybrids & shapeshifters,
are all under the loving protection of :
Dánu -The Fey Queen Mother & The Fae's Green man.
This even includes other beings who have the
Fey/Merfolk &/or Shapeshifters/Hybrids Faekith Spirit within them,
including many humans & animals who have Fey-Like Spirits
or are close friends of the Fey & Nature.

There are many animals who are strongly linked
with the Fey & Fey-Mer.
And all of animals & nature are linked to them,
whether recognizably so, or not so obviously.
(For some well-known examples of this symbology:
The Dolphin/Porpoise is often linked with Merfolk
and the Cat is intrinsically linked with the Fey.
The wolf & the fox are also linked with certain Fey
& various Birds & Butterflies with others. etc......)
Beings such as Fae-Unicorns & "Pegasus" type horses, (Teltum)
are especially well-known to the dreams of Fey-Lovers also.

Loving Animals, Fae or "Magical Type Beings" visiting our dreams
as loving spirit-guides may have beautiful lessons to teach
our sub-conscious mind &/or spiritual being.
Just like the "angels" their "goodness" is known
by what they impart to you. Never listen to any being ("human"
or "spiritual", "angel" or "fae" ) who tells you to harm others.
If a human or spiritual being is suggesting you become more loving
& encouraging you positively then this is what you can be open to.
Why is it that some people feel that the spirit-guide types listed
of their own religion are "good", "saints", "prophets", or "angelic"
regardless of the positive or negative messages received-
while claiming any of another religion's spirit-guides
are "bad" or worse names,
regardless of what message is imparted ?
That is a good question.
The easiest way to tell if something is right or wrong,
is to ask yourself this: "Is it a loving thing to do?"
If it is not, then you need to examine your own spirit
very carefully for why you are seeking a
"supposed holy excuse" or other
"sense of exclusive type of superior entitlement"
to harm or oppress others? (Regardless of your religion.)
You may need to work on healing more.
If something is so negatively imbalanced harmfully
in how you have been taught to treat others,
do not be threatened out of changing for the positive,
simply because someone wants your tithings
or political power for their "church".
There could be no true loving "God", "Goddess",
"Elohim" or "Source",
or even "Christ", (or by any other name)
or any other positive "Divine Being"
that will ever punish you for becoming more loving
or for granting more equality or kindness!
Of this you can be sure!
If anything, it would be the opposite way around.
It is human-beings who often can cruelly punish & abuse
or oppress one another unjustly & then
use their "god" or the "devil" as an excuse,
or maybe even blame it on some supposedly "mean goddess".
There is no need to project hatred, war
or patriarchal dominance of women or nature,
on to any "Creator",
for these attributes/behaviors originate elsewhere.
In our hearts, minds & souls we have always really known this,
despite any propaganda to the contrary.
Culture or religion can never be an excuse for the oppression of
females or lads or oppression based on skin colour.

We honor the Sidhe, yet We do not snub pretty winged Fae types
for their appearance either.
It is one of the forms of appearance that has served them well also.
Never mistake them as less powerful than "tougher" looking ones.
Anyway, anyone with any sense knows that true power,
is not denoted by physical size or a hard external look, alone.
The Fae can shapeshift from giant to tiny or vice-versa
& any size range in between that they choose.
Some will say they appeared to them as tall & that they are right,
some will say but I saw a small winged Fae that was very powerful too.
Who is right? In a way, They both are.
If we accept that the Fae can shapeshift
& that they will appear to you as any size they choose
then we realize that we do them no compliment
when we snub either large or small forms of appearance.
We make a mistake when we feel we must masculinize
or "super-size" everything to legitimize it (or them) to others
or else call anything beautiful in a different way than ourselves
as "fluffy bunny" for lack of a better way to compete with "pretty-folk".
This is a modern cultural prejudice
that has little to do with the Fey themselves.
The Fey first came in more matrifocal times than we currently enjoy.
They themselves can not simply be changed
from that to fit our modern world view,
even though  our modern language may be limited.
The wisest know that true magical power
is not a function of physical size or "machismo" either.
This does not mean that the genders of the Fey
aren't equally treated well amongst their own kind.
They do not have this problem over gender as humans now do.
They have no need to be either patriarchal or matriarchal
as we think of those words in modern times.
Yet, do not jump to the conclusion that
a pretty, tiny winged feminine looking Fae
is any less magically powerful than a giant.
She or he may surprise you & transform to giant size
back to tiny
before your eyes anyway.
Never underestimate them according
to stereotypes about appearance & don't snub them
or their friends according to that.
Have faith that they will resist such pigeonholing of form
& appear to you as they choose anyway.
This does not make anyone any better than anyone else,
because they have seen them large or small.
I hope this will help put an end to this controversy among humans.

Another important thing to note, is that
besides the Irish Sidhe,
Opalescent & Shining Ones,
& the Welsh Fae, there are Nature Fae, Water-Fey,
Elfen, Gnomes, Sprites & Elemental Spirits,
& "Dryads" & "Water-Sprites" & "Green-Folk"
like those which some call "Devas" & so on,
all over the planet Earth.

Some of them can be very different looking
than you may be used to
& they come in all sizes & shapes.
They are also Children of Mother Nature
& beloved of The Fae's Green man & Greenwoman,
Greenfolk & they also deserve our respect & love too,
regardless of our ancestry or culture or religion.
It is no use to minimize them
even if they are physically small in appearance at times.
Their powers are magnificent,
& they are well suited to the functions they perform in nature
& the joys that they also can feel.

In our faith we do take an oath to defend the feminine divine,
because this is the kind of harmonious re-balancing energy
that really is most needed in our current earth-world situation.
Yet, we should not blame our feykith brothers & sisters for the misbehavior
of others in the past which they are innocent of.
However, each gender & each Being has the right to be valued & loved.
Each will be cared for in what ever way, the circumstances require
or as the need arises.

We would rather agree with those who say,
"If it harm no one, do what thou will...."
& those who repeat,
"Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you."


The true "Divine Source" is LOVE!
Of this you can be sure, if of nothing else!
Let this Love flow into you,
then it will flow from you.
Thus you will project, Love !
Thus Love will be projected back to you.
(back & forth like a circle,
or spiral of concentric circles/rings of life/love-energy
or like the figure 8- "the ancient symbols of eternal life")
Picture pure spirit in the center & you have 9.
This Love will then flow over to touch those around you,
flow over into what you say & do,
& have a beautiful positive effect.

If you truly look inside your own spirit,
you will choose the most loving answers.
Won't you ?

More To Come

We love the Fey from deep in our Spirits !
& We have this right
& nothing can change this !

Another one of our beliefs that some people may find strange
& some people may heartily embrace is:
We believe that animals have souls!
(Not just human animals, that is ! )

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I know this is a hard thing to face, but it is true.
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Yet, those of Womankind would also be pleased to know,
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& I also realized that animals have souls as we do.
I realized that I had missed so much,
because of my modern masculine conditioning.
I had so much ego invested in dominating & controlling before.
I realized that I had been unfair to the females & children in my life,
& also even killed animals that could have been my friends.
Out there in nature, away from my city home & office,
I really felt the life energy like never before.
I was fully alive for the first time since babyhood.
It was like an epiphany. I never want to lose that feeling".
This was a mature man who had this awakening
& so it is never too late.

Human cultural acceptance as an ideal,
was meant to create tolerance & peace among humans
not to be twisted into a hateful excuse to enslave others,
or to create a modern women's holocaust or two,
or even one more massacre in the name of "ethnic cleansing".
It is not unloving to speak up against these atrocities,
it is unloving to excuse them
or even to condone them with our silence.
There is no possible valid excuse for these atrocities.
`If your so called "religion" requires you to harm me,
then it is not religion, it is murder.'

We also reject those who use their religion
to try to enslave people based on their colour or gender.
We have toleration or even some respect
for religions that respect the freedom of others,
as they would want for themselves.

This is Very Real!
If You Are Interested in Helping Some Female Slaves
In Another Part of The World
or to help STOP The Genocide of The Dineh Indians in Arizona
or other Human Rights or Wildlife-Environmental Issues.
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Much More To Come !
So please check back.

If you need a longer explanation of  why
we follow "swirling harmony"
& why we do not follow duality concepts,
such as the modern "ying-yang" or gender polarization
click here.(why not-click only for the longer version. L.O.L.)

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Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies-Sychronized by Martha Decker


For anyone concerned with semantics,
The word "shamanism" & "shamankaism"
was used to help describe the "shamanic-like" techniques of
this concept for Fae-Mer-Sha for many years.
The reason "shamanism", simply helps to describe
the universal practice
of  some called "animistic" type faiths,
is that these are words that modern english speakers
can currently understand.
What it really means is clearly that,
Instead of just contacting Animal Spirit Guides,
other types of Spirit Guides are included
such as Fey & Mer, for example.
This could be called "Seer-ship",
"Journeying" & so on,
depending on one's cultural reference.

The word shaman or shamanka was not an old
English or Gaelic word, but it has been added
to several modern languages to describe old
universal concepts that many had lost the exact word for.
So whether you call this,
Fey-Water-Fey Seership Folk Faith,
"Faery-Merfolk-Shaman & Shamanka Faith"
"Faery-Merfolk-Shamanic-like Faith"
"Fae-Mer-Sha Folk Faith"
is up to the dictates of your own heart
& your understanding or comfort level,
this does not change the Fey themselves,
which are not subject to our modern human rules.
The reason shamanism,
simply helps to describe the universal practices
or similar concepts
of  some called "animistic" faiths,
is that these are words that modern english speakers
can currently understand.
They are not necessarily exactly the same.
For instance there is still some debate as to whether the "Celts"
were  literally "shamanic",
since their journeys were not always of their own consciously
pre-planned or deliberate choice, so to speak.
That is, one could be whisked away &/or chosen by the Fey,
whether they consciously sought it out first or not.
There are people who study all their lives (sometimes futilely)
in an effort to gain
the "magical" gifts that others seem to come by naturally.
The richness of any culture's dealings with Spirit Guides
or Otherworldly journeys can not be summed up
completely with one word, anyway .

Side NOTE:
We are unique.
There are several fae/fey/faery
or faerie faiths out there,
or spiritual systems or even religions,
that use the word fey or faery ect. &
* they can actually be quite different from one another*.

One may be right for you & another might not,
this makes it no less valid for someone else,
& as long as it doesn't encourage subjugation,
or the oppression of females or lads or colours,
or try to destroy nature & the planet,
then that is their business, we suppose.

There are also many variations of religions
that use the word fey /fae/faery in some form,
many claiming that they are the "real one",
yet they may have very different belief systems,
which one or the other may still  call this
or that one, the  "real one".
(Usually the one they like or want you to like.)

So if you read one description of
"fey" or "Faery" or "fairy" faith
don't think it applies to all.
Really only each one of them, themselves,
can tell you what they are really about .

However, You need not belong to any particular religion
to have Fae, Mer or Animal Spirit Guides though
or to feel a connection with Nature.
We are all born with  that innate capacity.
What ever faith you choose should simply
help you honour those connections positively,
while honouring  your own soul
& that of others.
Anything in addition, is just extra benefits or detractions
from that, depending on what it is, what you do with it,
what else you believe in & feelings & so on.
So find what is right for you
& Bright Blessings on Your Chosen Paths. ;o)

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