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Kiya: Tiny Hawaiian Water-Sprite
& An Oracle To The Fey Qween
Kiya-Tiny Hawaiian Water-Sprite Logo

Oriental Flower-Water-Sprite
& Other Forms!
Hybrid Shapeshifter

Jada Oriental-Flower & Water Sprite Hybrid Shapeshifter Logo

Swannia: Story-Teller,
Mermaid, Water-Sprite & Swan Forms!
Hybrid Shapeshifter

Swannia Plays Underwater in Merland-image

Ebonia: Of The Ivory Coast
Limitless Forms: including
Artist, Mermaid,
Porpoise & Orca!

Ebonia ofThe Ivory Coast-afro-amer.logo

Limitless Forms including:
Lovely Hispanic Dancer Form
& Water-Sprite & Magical Sea-Horse!

Bonita-Water-Sprite (Hispanic)Logo

Hi, I'm Tinkerbellaand I'm Kitty-FeyKitty-Fey Merbar image
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Water-Fey Realm
Universal Forms, Attributes & Descriptions.
Water-Fey, Water-Sprites, Flower-WaterSprites, Mermaids, Mermen, WaterBabies & More.

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Index: Including Links To Gaia Realm
The Flower Faced Fey Qween Giver of Life
& The Fae's Green Man, & More..
& Also For Ladys & Gentlemen:
The Holiday House-Wheel of The Year.


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