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Blu Jumping Dolphins Fantasy

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Dolphin Lady & The Otherkin
of The Emerald Isle
just love waterfalls!

Dolphin Lady loves to surf
in hurricane warnings.
(naughty tiger kit' mermaid too!)

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Dolphin Lady just Loves Dolphins
& many other Water & Sea Creatures
& all Fey!
Mermaids, Mermen, Merfolk,
Water-Sprites & all Water-Fey.
A Flower Water-Fey
can make it's self so tiny
that he or she can play
in the dew-drops in a Flower!
So you see, there are all manner
of Water-Fey where-ever
you may be,
whether or not,
you are by the Sea!
Single Tailed Mermaid
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Oh, to be playing with my
dolphin friends, right now!
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Inside Links:
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Water-Fey Realm
Universal Forms, Attributes & Descriptions.
Water-Fey, Water-Sprites, Flower-WaterSprites,
Mermaids, Mermen, WaterBabies & More.

Emerald Isle Merfolk

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Dolphin Society Banner

Dolphin Lady / Kitty-Fey &
Tigerman & Swannia & Tiger-Fey
& The Flower-Fey sisters are all
Supporters of The Dolphin Society.
Please Visit Them!
You will be happy you did!
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Interspecies Telepathic Communications

World Whale (&Dolphin) Day
June 21st-Yearly Solstice Tradition

Year of The Ocean

Dolphins Around The World

Human-Dolphin Institute

Mandurah Dolphins

More Great Links! :
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Mother Earth Art

Best Celtic Music Band!
Tarujen Saari-"Isle of Tales"
With The Fey's Bard &
Fae-Unicorn Woman: Kaisa !

The Pagan Fay

by "Wolf Eyes"

Swedish Sussie's
Norwegian Forest Cats
Norska Skogkatter

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This Dolphin Lady's Links Realm is new,
More adventures coming soon!

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