Merry Cat Faery's Samhain!
And Happy Halloween !

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(pronounced sow-en )

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Faery Qween

Samhain is known as a "mystical
& enchanted night,
when magic can be done to benefit
our personal lives as well as our planet."
Samhain helps keep beings
"steadfast" in their "understanding
that human life parallels
the changing of the seasons."
It is also the "time to project for
beneficial change on the Earth.

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This is one of the most important,
though least understood,
of the Celtic festivals.
Unlike the standard modern adaption
of "halloween" or " All Hallows' Eve,
the true holiday of Samhain
has nothing to do with "evil" practices
or ghoulish costumes, etc."
In ancient Celtic times , everybody practiced & embraced natural "magic" & "women's intuition"
EVERBODY lived a "magical-life",
which was & still is a living religion & a way of life.

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Faery Magic !
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In Honour of:
"Tuatha de Danann"
"The Children of The Goddess Danu"

"To the ancient Celts, the Faery World was a real place,
a magical Otherworld or time out side of time,"...
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original artist named Shroud_faerygirl-image
Fae ....made up of a race of gifted beings.
"All Celts" are said "to have Faery blood, even to this day."
(and there are also other cultures who are familiar with the Fae,
elfen, merfolk or nature elemental spirits, by various names.)
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By the Celts & their descendants,
"Faeries" are often said,
to "dwell in the Faery mounds or hilltops,
& often encountered at sacred junctures,
usually magical places on Earth
that are actually between worlds."
original artist named Shroud_faerygirl-image
" Samhain above all, is a time to build on your imagination.

" Let yourself feel the very core of your beings ,
"what it is to wonder."
Let everything you take part in on Samhain
appeal to "a sense of mystery & magic "

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More About The Celtic Samhain :
"To the ancient Celts, this great holiday divided the year into two seasons, Winter & Summer."
"Samhain is the day on which the Celtic New Year & Winter begin together, so it is a time of beginnings & endings."

Wheel of The Year Wreath

"On Samhain the veil between the worlds of spirit & matter is lifted & the living & the dead are more likely to exchange psychic information."
It is also an excellent time for meditation or divination.

Faery Love Sparkle Dustoriginal artist named Shroud_faerygirl-imageFaery Love Sparkle Dust
On Samhain, the ancient tribes celebrated
the Celtic Feast of the Dead
for Loved Ones that had gone on ahead
to The Spirit World.tiny apple tree

Today we continue to honour the memories of our ancestors." ("This practice has directly influenced
countless other religions & folk customs.")

Fae Wand

"Rituals" are performed
"to keep anything negative from the past -- out of the future."

Happy Fay Sun-Shine/ani-image
"Spells are cast to psychically contact one's deceased forebears & retrieve ancient knowledge, thus preserving the great web" that reaches "through many generations of human families." "Samhain is a time for change & a time to look to the future."

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Costumes & Celebrations:
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Today, as in the past,
beings may dress for Samhain
in a costume reflecting
what they hope to be,
or achieve in the future."
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In a "manner of speaking," as a "New Year's Resolution."
If someone wishes for spiritual "beauty" & joy they might "dress as a butterfly bttrfly ani gifor Faery Queen flwrfey (c)98to ensure that their spiritual journey through life has power & sweetness." Faery Love Sparkle Dustwand faeryFaery Love Sparkle Dust
Perhaps a mermaid or merman could represent deep mystery,
& the subconscious mind & intuition ...etc

merfolk sea

Or perhaps....If they "hope for prosperity & success,fae treasure chest
" they might "dress as a princess;" Faery Love Sparkle Dust
flitting faery/ani-imageWould you like to dress as a beautiful, clever fox?
Cool Fox/ani-image
Or perhaps...a wild horse for freedom...?
or wanting to experience "more confidence & strength,"
they could dress as a tigress, lion, lynx,
jaguar, leopard, ocelot, or other lovely feline
or a strong noble bear or wolf ......

tiny apple treejaguartiny apple treeleopardocelot cat facebeartiny apple treemaned wolftiny apple tree

Perhaps you would like to draw attention
or honor to an endangered animal.
Perhaps you would like to celebrate a magical being...
What does a dragon or a teltum
or unicorn represent to you?
As you can see the possibilities are as boundless
as your imagination.. ;o) Smiles!
ani-cat,ghost & Jack o' Latern
Some are happy as they are or too shy to wear costumescurtesy lass
& so come dressed as they regularly do, to Samhain festivities.

Fey Ring At Faery Samhain/image

After the rituals of the Magic Circle, fey wand
they need not go to the houses of strangers,
"but may go to the homes of friends
to show off their costumes
& sample treats."

Faery Love Sparkle Dustjacko pumpkin  ani-gifFaery Love Sparkle Dust
Samhain is known as a "mystical
& enchanted night,
when magic can be done to benefit our personal lives
as well as our planet." tiny apple tree
Samhain helps keep beings "steadfast" in their "understanding that human life parallels the changing of the seasons."
It is also the "time to meditate for
beneficial change" on the Earth.

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Merry Cat Faery's Samhain!
And Happy Halloween !

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