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Brighid of Eire, Ireland, British Isles
& Across All the "Celtic" Lands
& Much of Europe!

Also spelled or called by these variations on the name, Breed, Bridget, Brigit, Bridhid,Bridgid, Bhride, Bride, Brid & Brigantia. . . .Great Britain was named after her.
As a direct granddaughter of , Dánu herself
she is ranked among the cheif DivineDaughters of Dánu.

Brid or Brigid had become a major triple goddess
central to Ireland & Celtic Europe,
long before the arrival of St.Patrick.
As a triple goddess she had
aspects appealing to both genders & various people.
While representing Midwifery, poetry, creativity,
healing, protection-
she also represented fire,
skill in metal-work & smith-craft,
as well as The Martial Arts.
Offering strength & protection-
both in childbirth & in battle,
it is easy to see why she was loved by woman & man.
After the Christian conversions of many of
the Irish people,
Brigid was the Goddess they could
never be forced to give up.
They simply made her Mother of all
the new dieties & "saints"
of the new religion &
she continued to reign as "Queen of Heaven."

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The Shrine Of Brighid  at Kildare
Thankyou to Lady Caroline & Lady Brid
for our sharing talks on: The Shrine of Kildare!
The late Lady Caroline would not let me rest until
I had fully included Brigid & her Shrine
on my first Shamrock page a few years ago.
She taught us all so much
before departing to Summerland!
Eponia by Enya was her favorite song,
so we include it here for you.
Bright Blessings!

The Shrine Of Brighid  at Kildare

The Goddess Bridget's Shrine at Kildare
was kept by her Priestesses.
Her sanctuary at Kildare, Ireland  is also called
Call Dara-
The Church of The Oak.

 Nineteen (19) Priestesses kept her
Sacred Flame,
(which was a perpetual flame of fire
in her honour) going year `round.
If the shrine was ever attacked,
a Priestess hid a burning coal from the fire,
so that the flame could not go out.
As soon as the danger was gone,
they could rekindle the fire to it's former glory. Thus the fire was never allowed to die out for hundreds & hundreds of years, no matter the circumstances.
After the Christianization of much of Ireland, this very same flame was tended by
the nuns of the Abbey at Kildare !
When Bridget was sainted as Saint Bridget, these nuns kept themselves totally secluded
away from men & even had women
from a nearby village
bring them their food & supplies.
Around 1220 AD, a Bishop in charge of the area insisted that the nuns of the Abbey
must allow a male priest to come & inspect
the Shrine of Bridget.
The Abbess begged with all her heart, that he send a woman to inspect instead.
The Patriarchal Bishop ordered them to submit,
by claiming that nuns, as women, must be subservient to men & male priests.
To further assert authority over them, he decided to prohibit any further
keeping of the sacred flame. It is said that He sent in male priests to rule over them & force them back into full patriarchal submission.
It is also said that,
The "Mother Superior" took a burning ember from the flame before it could be extinguished by the men & she hid it inside a large hollow rosary bead, until she could transport it to a safe place for it to be secretly tended.
Thus as the priestesses of long ago,
she was able to protect the sacred flame
from this later attack.
The flame was secretly tended by women in
sympathy with this goal until it could be rekindled in it's rightful place.
The Sacred Eternal Flame was thus relit in The Shrine of Bridget at Kildare
& also in the United States of America in 1996 !
Now her flame also shines as a glorious victory to religious freedom !

A Magical Merfolk & Faekith Vale
Website: flowerfey ©2000

Sequana-Celtic River Goddess

Celtic River Goddess
Her waters helped heal the sick.
We believe that as "The Source",
our Divine Mother & Father
are limitedless
& can take on any loving form
they choose !
Even when we see a little flower
we know that the same life-energy
that illuminates it,
illuminates all of Nature & Life.
flowerfey ©2000

This statue is from 500BCE.
This Picture used w/ the
kind permission of: Sacred Source
formerly jblstatues

Sequana-Celtic River Goddess

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The Celtic Midi Playing Is :
Eponia by Enya !

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