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Blessings & Awards !pretty sprite imageWe Graciously Give !
For YOU Too ?
Magic & Enchanted Blessings !
Do You or Someone You Know,
Belong Here ?
To These Wonderful Beings -
Who Are Special Enough To Merit These Awards
For Their Goodness & Efforts !
It is Great Honour Since They are so Wonderful !

For YOU Too ? !
Camilia Kitty/ani-image
The Awards We Give-
shall be original creations/images made in "Paint Shop"
for you to display on your web-site, if you win one!
You may Email us to nominate yourself or someone else.
Let us know which award you feel is deserved & why.
Give us the url, so we can see too!

There are different kinds of awards you can receive.
(See our Home Page!)
Please do not be afraid, because we will answer all applications,
although these are Elite Awards!
If you don't win, we will tell you how you can.
We do not mind cool backgrounds or images.
It is the good feeling you get from the pages, that we are interested in.
Sometimes we offer the award to someone special that we find on our own.

This is an example of the Artist's work that will be creating
your own personal award.
Limited authorized use only:
All images are copyrighted & are NOT to be put in
(or obtained) from any graphics collection.
If you see that happening, please let us know!

Should you win an Award:
If you like an image shown here,
please let us know & we can personalize it
with your name & the award title.


Believe Award

When you recieve your award,
you will then be given permission to
save it to your own computer &
without linking to our bandwidth
you can link the award to our web site.
(This is simply standard Net. procedure for awards,
just like virtually anywhere else.)

Please Link Award Thus, To:


merfolk award

Magic Faces of Diversity Award

Click Here-To Apply or Nominate for Awards !

fey_aniTo Winners Circle For Amazing Sites !ani-fey

New Adventures Coming Soon!
Hi, I'm Skye-Slyph. and I'm Kitty-Fey
The description of my page is:
a magical merfolk and faekith vale /with fairies,pixies,sprites and waterbabies,mermaids,watersprites
hybrids, shapeshifters, changelings & catpeople & wildlfe beings!
On an Enchanted Isle Sanctuary
where all Beings enjoy magical love & harmony
with cultural, spiritual & magical diversity and racial & gender equality & freedom!

One of the hardest awards to receive is:
The Gentle To The Genders/Genorosity Award
since it requires that your page is :
non-patriarchal & uses femine inclusive language.
(Everybody is not "he". Humans are not all "man".)
Web-Sites that have racist or hate messages will fail.
Please no blatantly patriarchal brainwashed tales.
(& chances are you won't get anywhere w/ "kingdoms"
that supposedly fall apart the minute a
beautiful timeless female character
has begun to rule!)
Most of us have some of that conditioning, that slips in
whether we realize it or not-(including us sometimes) ouch.
That's why it is the hardest award to receive.
There are many other Loving Awards , however.

Carol at Ulana's Garden was the first website to win this,
The Gentle To The Genders/Genorosity Award
especially for her Mermaid stories.
We will create a winners page that you can see ,
to visit & click on their links as a pathway to Awesome Sites!

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