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Bring Your Imagination & an Open Mind & Heart!
Some of our site is fantastical imagination stimulation
& some is seriously very real!  You decide, yet let go & enjoy.
For example, The Tuatha de Danann are real,
yet  do not make themselves truly known to everyone.
Nature Spirits are real, yet not all consciously perceive them...etc
We hope that this site will stimulate the joyful child within you
who had forgotten itself & all it knew.
Each time after you visit us, close your eyes & relax
& let what you saw & heard here run freely through your mind,
as you fall asleep-then let your dreams carry you to a magical world
& beautiful realms, where you are loved & free.
There are many Realms here & we are still growing,
so be sure to bookmark & visit again!
Happy Traveling Through Our Isle!
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A Magical Merfolk and Faekith Vale
......Emerald Forest Isle

A Magical Isle Sanctuary of Cultural, Racial, Spiritual Diversity & Gender equality-
where all Magical Beings live in Love & Harmony. (Also Meet Tuljin !)
With Fairies, Pixies, Sprites, Flowerfey and Waterbabies, Mermaids, Mermen, Watersprites,
with Hybrids, Shapeshifters, & Changelings /Also The Catti- Tribe of Ireland (catpeople)
Nature & Wildlife Lovers & Proud Members of Sisters of the Wolf. (Meet Little MoonWolf!)
Lionman Lance is also a proud member of: Distinguished Men Of The Net!
Wishing You Health & Happiness.

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Good Luck On You!

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Faery Delights & Love,
inspired by art of Froud, Rackman, Bywaters,
Lady Cottingly & more. Special Thank you,
Fitzgerald 1800's & Also Buhler 1822-1896
Blessings to Fey Lovers ancient, victorian & modern.
For more in depth study of Faery-Art & StoryBooks:
See upcoming Golden Books Realm Soon.
for Faery, Merfolk, Shamanic-like
& Celtic Pagan Celebrations!
Flower Face Fae Qwn animated images
& many other original images here created by
flowerfey Copyright 1998 & 1999 & 2000

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