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Koononochiwa! My name's Taichi Kamiya,but you can call me Tai for short. Welcome to my first fanfic about 2 young video game designers(Did I mention hilarious?).They're brother's named Hsu who is the younger and Chan,the older.^_^ It's really pathetic when you read it,but you'll probably laugh at how silly they are.Anyway,enjoy.Oh,and if you enjoy listening to song's while visiting sites,You're in luck,because I just added a bunch of midi's into some parts of my site,this time I embedded them into the background so you don't have to click play just to hear it!Sugoi,iie?!^_^ Look around and enjoy yourself,even though this site isn't ALL that.But it's the work that I did that count's,ne?Onana~!(Btw..yes,the fic was from issues of Electronic Gaming Monthly..demo,I figured I show it to everyone who DOESN'T read it)

Go ahead and glomp if you want.

Don't forget to sign my guestbook or Tai's gonna get really angry.And you wouldn't want Tai to get angry,would you? ^_^ Ciao!

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