Realm of Vangoria

This lovely Realm of Harmony resides along the far west shores of the world where all live in Harmony - Ladies, Lords, Sorcerers, Sorceress, Mystics, Faes and let us not forget the Dragons. It is a place where merriment flows like a mountain spring, and life is a blessing of peacefulness and joy, where all share and share alike. It is where all enjoy the bounty and the fruit of life together. There are dragons everywhere flying, soaring, and just having fun. Ladies and Lords all woo one another for their affections. One is not stronger or bigger, but equal in every way, and no one is the power. Thus, this is Vangoria, a place for all to live and share in what life has to offer.

Mystic Realm

Lies to the far north east and just above the Realm of Vangoria . This is home to Lady Cinder and Lord Ashton, the new overseers of this Mystical Realm. Both are from different areas of the world. They have come together here to join and bring the magic that is theirs to this splendid realm. She a West-Cost Lady and He an East Coast Lord, old as the sages yet 100 years young! Here they join in mind and spirit, in this realm, within a realm, to create this that is Mystic Realms. Like Fire and Ice theirs is a chemistry of powerful, eternal, elements!

4 Princess

The Island of the 4 Princesses, floats softly below the Realm of Vangoria. Warm and loving in its South - Western locale, it surrounds all the beautiful Princesses' in a protective, but nurturing light of love; this love that abounds from their ever faithful father the Mystic Lord Vangor, of the Realm of Vangoria. His love shines upon them constantly.


This land of blowing winds and sparkling flurries of open fields, tis but a place of peace, a place of healing. Within it's beauty lies the "Cave of Heals". This healing Realm lies just north of Sun~Lo. It is home to Agonon the wisest Medicine Dragon know to the world. It is from this healing locale that he is able to spin his web of healing magic.

Love's Isle

This flowering oasis of love and life. Where one only needs breathe in to be filled with it's magical scent that is the essence of life it self. It's luscious shores, which abound on all sides, can be found just to the east of Hyperon.


Just off the southeast tip of Sun ~Lo is where these lush fields of wild beauty and strife flourish; while nature abounds prolifically. Here is where the soul joins the eternal skyline.


This is an underwater world of Sea Queens and Kings. It lies deep within the waters between AfricoNa and Sun~Lo. This magnificent Realm is where all work for the good in the name of children all over the world are able to spread love and hope on to them. Ever fostering thier growth and learning through all that they do.

Realm of Sun~Lo

Realm of Sun~Lo is the heart of all, to all. This is the Realm of Mystics, Fairies, and Dragons. This Loving place where sun shines softly, and unity and honor prevail, is the magical home of the Lovely Mystic Saffron and the Orange Dragon Lord Zangor, her loyal, companion, and faithful, protector. Each special in their own unique way, one filled with wisdom and patients, and the other filled with strength and courage. Together a powerful soul. They jointly tend to the cares of the Realm of Sun~Lo and its friends.


This Southern Mountain like realm was named after the very Powerful war goddess Princess Zalana. More to follow in the months ahead. For as summer approaches things within Zalana heat up!

Realms Yet to be Born

SeaHorse Bay

Just east of Love's Isle will surely be a land of fanciful Sea Creatures!

This mysterious land lies just east of AfricoNa and shall be a mystery complete one-day!

Places to Visit in the Realm of Sun~Lo

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