During their journey back to Hyperon the winds pick up and the skies are a thick denseness of white making visibility impossible. Struggling against the winds Fae is tossed about. Reaching down to his tumbling friend Gandor tucks her beneath the rim of his hat, protecting her from the elements. Lost and nearly blinded Gandor fears they may not make it in time.
Through a slit in Gandor's hat Fae spots a light off in the distance. It seems to be guiding them so hesitantly they start to follow it. Before long, the horizon of Hyperon stretches out in front of them. Gandor struggles to continue to make his way to his dying love deep within the Cave of Heals.
Wondering what or who spread this beckon of light they finally reach the Cave of Heals. But before entering the cave Gandor looks back and spots the light soaring off the tail of a red, fire breathing, dragon, its none other than, that little envious Invidious!
At the foot of the Cave of Heals lies a fig branch left there for Gandor by his one time nemesis Invidious! As Gandor picks it up he wonders to himself, "Has invidious finally found that part in himself that is selfless?"
Rushing deep within the Cave of Heals Gandor brings the Eye of the Mystical Fig Pit to Agonon who is staring down a deep cauldron. Shaking Agonon to wake him out of his dream - like - state, Gandor roars, "What is wrong Agonon? Where is Sarah?" At last Agonon looks up, Gandor can see in his eyes that something is terribly wrong. Finally, Agonon replies, "It is too late Gandor, she could not hold on any longer.
Distraught, Gandor runs to where Sarah's cold body lay. Kneeling beside her lifeless body tears streaming down his face; he begs the gods of Nozzel to bring her back!
For day's he kneels at her side. Unable to leave her lost in his sorrow. Feeling the pain of the love he has lost and yet, a love never quite acquired. Never having told her how much he felt for her, how in her beauty he felt as if in heaven. The loss of love unknown but love felt deeply even still.
Trying their best, Fae and Agonon could not coax him away from her side. Totally lost inside his grief and guilt, nearly lifeless, he remains knelling by her side, day after day.
Then, in the still of night, on the seventh rotation of the 7th moon, the dead silence that enshrouds Gandor breaks.
Feeling another presence in the darkness of the cave. Gandor still in his vigil, stares toward the torch of light radiating against the black, moist, wall of the cave. A spark of fire sears apart from the flame.
Wondering if his eyes are deceiving him…For from the spark, hovering in mid air, grows a flame all in red, and within the flame; Sarah's form appears.
Heading towards her, stopping just short of the burning flame that protect her presence. He asks, "Is it you Sarah?"
In her soft, soothing, voice she replies, "Yes Gandor it is me. The vision you see is but a shadow of my true form now."
With trembling breath he begs her to forgive him for not getting to her in time. And pledges his love and grief at his loss of her.
Stretching out her hand she sends a healing light to surround him. And in this light he feels her love and beauty. Looking into his eyes she implores him to listen to her.
"Gandor, you did not let me down my sweet love. It was my time to leave. Without your presence, your goodness, your selflessness, your hope I would not have found the courage to seek and find my own. And for that, I am eternally grateful. You have helped me reach what I alone could not. You have shown me the beauty of selfless love, my dear one!"
"But Sarah, I don't want to be here without you! The ache in me is palpable!" "Gandor, you must, for your full purpose has not yet been realized. Seek it Gandor, be open to it, and live this gift of life you have with the knowledge that I will always be near. All you need do is think of me and my spirit will fill you and guide you whereever you go.
Stepping out of her protective flame, her spirit approaches Gandor, and as they meet, in a burst of light, their souls join forever as one. In the moment of joining Sarah whispers, "Now we will always be together...whenever you need me, here within you, (her hand touches his chest) is as far as you need look.
As her voice drifts off, the last words he hears her sweetly utter are, "I love you Gandor and always will."
His heart filled with her love and with her spirit, he walks to the entrance of the cave and looks out into the night's splendor, reflecting on all that took place. Feeling her warmth... her presence now coming from within him, he is somehow at peace.
Fae and Agonon approach him, and simultaneously they ask, "What was that glow?" With a slow smile, Gandor begins to explain the beauty of what just transpired. As he speaks a glow begins to radiate around them all. Each in their own way feeling Sarah's presence.
Clasping Gandor on either side of his shoulders Agonon explains to him that, "All is complete, you have earned your place and now you must head south to Frona, the desert of cleansing. It is there where you will pilgrimage to purify your soul and thus, prepare yourself to take your place in the
Circle of Dragons.................

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