The skies still heavy with smoke, Sarah, Gandor, Tutu, Safina and Fae Zephyr de Mara wait by the river's edge for Dragon Agonon from Hyperon to arrive. Agonon is the wisest medicine dragon known to the world.
After losing so much blood, Sarah has taken a turn for the worst. She is now burning with a fever and is very pale. Gandor is beside himself. They anxiously await for Agonon's arrival.
Through the blowing winds and sparkling flurries, down from Hyperon does he fly, racing to the aid of Gandor and his love Sarah. A wiser dragon you have never met.
Before the rescue begins, the old and wise healer mumbles to Gandor, "We must get her to Hyperon, and quick, we haven't a moment to spare! There I have my potions and herbs; and perhaps, with luck and love we can pull her through."
Once they enter his cave, found deep within what is known by all as, "The Cave of Heals" just North of the river that flows through the middle of this vast wilderness that is Hyperon Agonon lights a torch. Within the dimly lit cave he begins working feverishly to come up with a potion to save Sarah's life. Looking everywhere he can't find the one key ingredient for the potion, The Eye of the Mystical Fig Pit touched by a Mystic!
Agonon pulls Gandor to the side and tells him, "If we can not get the eye then all hope for her is lost." Gandor grabs him, "Well then, tell me where I need to go to get it?"
He tells Gandor, "This may well be the toughest test of your faith and hope. You must find the cottage of Mystic Portachello. There within the cottage lies a wooden chest. The eye should be within the chest wrapped in a black velvet bag. But getting to it may cost you your soul. The eye must not be looked at directly, for if you do, all that is loving and good in you shall turn the opposite. You see the eye is magical and its powers allow "Only A Healer" with great powers, such as mine, strong enough to look upon the stone without being changed. Gandor, whatever you do, don't look at the stone. It holds great temptation and that power may make you want to behold it, but you must fight it Gandor! What ever you do!
With that knowledge in hand, Gandor flies off to the mountains to look for the Mystic Pontecello. Time is of the essence as each moment that passes brings Sarah closer to death's door.
Through the blowing snow he spies the Mystic's Lair; but a huge thorn laden bush protects it! The thorns are oversized sharp needle - like projections with jagged edges sharp enough to rip through leather.
Gandor ponders, within the lair lies the rare eye of the "Mystical Fig Pit Touched by a Mystic" but how to get it without ripping himself to pieces? He studies the area that lay ahead. Thinking how he can possibly get through the thorny bush and into the Mystic's lair to seize the needed eye?
Off in the distance, he hears the soft whisper of something or someone deep within the woods. He senses a presence? The woods are filled with a strange essence almost ominous, as if trying to ward off intruders.
Slowly moving into the thick of the woods he is taken off guard and suddenly falls into a deep, narrow pit. He has no way out for his wings cannot stretch out fully. Trapped, he wonders if he can possibly get out in time to save Sarah.
But then the noise he heard earlier sounds again. Magically, the one who always is there in his time of need appears, hovering in a tree, up above the gapping pit is none other than, Fae Zepher De Mara. She tells Gandor to hang on. With only a sprinkle of this and that sprayed about his head, in no time at all, his wings are magically made small enough for him to fly out of the pit, and to safe ground.
Once out and safe, Gandor tells her of his dilemma. "Oh! That's not a problem!" she says excitedly. Taking some magic fae dust she sprinkles it over the section of thorns that bar the way to the door of the lair. Magically, they disappear! But when they try to open the door it doesn't budge. With a worried frown Gandor looks to Fae.
Tapping the side of his head with her index finger, she tells him, "not to worry. Being so tiny, that small lock on the door is no challenge for me!" Floating down into the hole of the lock on the door she is able to unlock it for Gandor to enter.
Together they move through the darkness of the lair and begin their search for the box that holds the eye.
After looking everywhere for a light Fae comes upon a box of matches. Striking the match, her eyes fall upon the most beautiful jeweled, wooden box she has ever seen. Almost without thinking she opens it and the light held within it is nearly blinding. There lying in the box is a black velvet pouch. Grabbing it, she all most opens it when Gandor stops her. "Don't open it!" "But why Gandor, it has to be beauty! Just look at the magnificent light radiating around the bag itself! There must be more beauty within the bag!"
"Yes, Fae it's beautiful but Sarah's life depends on it, we must not be tempted by its beauty. We need to get it to Agonon and quick before it's too late!" Reluctantly, Fae hands the bag to Gandor. Gandor places it into his bag and off through the blowing snow they head back to Hyperon. God willing in time to save Sarah.

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