The day had come, it was the seventh day, of the seventh month, and the newly knighted Gander was on his quest to meet his first challenge as a protector of Sun~Lo.

At this place in time there is a famine of great proportions affecting many of the countries of the world. Yet across the Knightsbridge and beyond the Treacherous Forest that protects Sun~Lo from evil intruders, lies a field of berry bushes stretching for eons! This field, the field of plenty, if unleashed from the clutches of the Treacherous Forest will quench the hunger of all.

Gandor takes off in hopes of finding the path to justice, the path of knighthood and unleashing the fields of berry bushes. But off, deep in a dark cave on the other side of the mountain the evil, little, envious, Invidious has plotted traps and tricks along the way to keep Gandor from finding the field of berry bushes.

He has done all this in order to foil any attempts Gandor makes at finding the fields so that he may reach them first and break the forest's hold. Thus, gaining favor for himself in the eyes of Great Mother Dragoness Emphera and Wise Dragon El Alcazar in hopes that he may steal away the Emerald Fang from Gandor and become the new Knighted Dragon.

Gandor's first task is to cross through the Knightsbridge. If only he can find it. Lurking behind him Invidious is following his every move.

The Knightsbridge is more of a door that opens up to the Treacherous Forest than a bridge. But only those who prove themselves worthy are ever able to see it.

In his search for the Knightsbridge Gandor comes upon a bag of gold. He hesitates for not even a moment, and turns it over to the Dragon Guard Elite. Days he continues his quest but to no avail. By this time he is very hungry and quite tired, but he knows the importance of his mission and stop, he does not. Just when his hopes are at there lowest a band of dragon hunters confronts him. Men equipped with deadly weapons and dressed in dark cloaks. Surrounded, he fears he is doomed, but with valor and wisdom he approaches the hunters and would-be captors to try and reason with them.

Just as it would seem that all failed there in front of him, a golden bridge appeared, the Knightsbridge, and the dragon hunters were no more. From the heavens he heard a majestic voice…"Gandor, you have acted wisely, justly, with honor and merit. You have proven yourself worthy of passing the Knightsbridge and entering the Treacherous Forest. But beware Gandor; your faith and valor may not be enough to unleash the fields of berry bushes. For if "Nardarla" is not willing to put aside her own wants for the good of others, then all the valor and wisdom of all the Knighted Dragons will not be enough to save the world from the greed of "Nardarla". Nardarla is the guard of Nourishment's of the Seven Sectors of the World.

As quickly as the heavens spoke they silenced, and Gandor was left alone in the mist of the Treacherous Forest. The forest seemed as if it was alive. Branches clutched at his wings and torso, ripping into his flesh. Pits opened up in the earth as if to swallow him whole. For days this torture went on, till he could take no more. And just as fate would have it, off in the distance he spotted a fair maiden knelling in a garden, beside a crumbling, ancient, castle.

The likes of such beauty he had never seen. If only he could reach her. With every ounce of strength he had left, he dragged his tattered body towards her. Finally, reaching her, she nearly ran away at the sight of him. But it was his voice that stopped her; such a gentle yet deep and strong voice it calmed her instantly. And she quickly went to his side to help him into the accent, castle.

There she brought him to a bed and tended to his wounds as he told her of his quest. He looked into her emerald eyes and asked her name. Softly, she replied; "I am Maiden Sarah, daughter of the late Baron Grayknight whose lands and life were stolen by the Treacherous Forest. I was left here to live in this castle with only a small plot of land for which to grow food and herbs from. Why they have not taken me is a mystery I shall never solve, but here I am, and glad I am alive.

Just behind them, lurking in the shadows was the envious, Invidious waiting for his moment to strike. Plotting in his mind his next move.

Gandor's strength was waning minuet, by minuet, so Sarah told him she had some herbs that would help him to regain his strength. She went into the kitchen to retrieve the herbs. Opening a cabinet she hunted through the jars of herbs. Finding the one she was looking for she grabbed it then turned to answer Gandor's call. Going to his side crouching close to hear his fading voice, he asked her for something to drink. She told him that she would fix the herb with a warm tea then left his side to prepare the elixir.

Meanwhile, Invidious was in the kitchen and switched the reviving herb for one that would paralyze and slowly bring on death. Unbeknownst to Sarah she made Gandor's tea with these deadly herbs and then gave the mixture to him.

Within moments Gandor could not even speak let alone move a muscle of his mighty, but torn body. Seeing his worsening condition Sarah ran to the kitchen to check the herb that she had given him. Looking more closely at the jar of herbs she realized her mistake. The leaves where black. Some how they where not the ones that belong in this jar. What had happened? Such grief and pain over her mistake one could not begin to describe. She rushed into the other room to Gandor's side. Dropping to her knees in utter anguish she prayed to the God's of Nozell to help Gandor.

Seeing his opportunity, Invidious made his way to the fields of berry bushes. It was his plan to start the fields on fire and then to put them out appearing to all as if he were the savior of the fields. In hopes of becoming one of the Knighted ones and stealing Gandor's honor. Lighting a torch, he ignited the field. It took fire and in no more than a moment did it become a roaring blaze. Invidious tried with all his might to fan off the flames but they fast became too fierce.

Then a deep, dark, cloud appeared and a voice spoke to Invidious; "You are not the one." It was Nardarla, the guardian of nourishment and she put a Ring of Fire around him to imprison him. The one who recklessly, damaged her fields and placed the world in jeopardy. She roared a loud, and piercing, evil, scream.

Back at the castle, Sarah is beside herself with grief. Elfin King Azaru an old but wise man came running into the castle warning that the fields were burning.

Falling to her knees smelling the flames of smoke... Sarah begged the gods of Nozell to aid her in her quest to cure Gandor. For only he was strong enough to battle the fires and save the day.

Suddenly, she heard a voice coming from the doorway. Looking towards this commanding voice she saw two ghost-like Dragons. They were none other than Gandor's long lost parents; the very Beautiful and Strong Africona Dragon, Safina: protector of all the little ones and wife to the Courageous Dragon, Tutu: guardian of the fields and peace keeper of the mighty and lush lands of Afrocona.

The Courageous Tutu tells Sarah to bring him the following herbs: xena, yadiil, and zambro and to bring them now, before it is too late! She gathers the herbs and he leads her into the kitchen where she assists him in making the elixir. But the recipe also calls for fairy dust and the blood of a virgin freely given. Before he finishes stating the recipe Gandor's trusted guardian, Fae Zephyr de Mara flies in and sprinkles the fairy dust needed for the elixir.

All eyes fall upon Sarah. Turning to Tutu, knowing what Gandor has put himself through to save the world, she opens her heart and gives her wrist freely. Looking into her eyes Tutu asks her if she is sure. Solemnly, she nods her head. With that, Tutu takes his long talon and slices Sarah's wrist. Ounce by ounce her blood pours into the chalice filling it.

At this point, Sarah is nearly too weak to stand but, stand she must. For it is by her hand, that Gandor is to be feed the elixir in order for it to take hold. Tutu and Fae Zephyr de Mara lead her to Gandor making sure that not a single drop of the elixir spills. Knelling besides Gandor, Sarah presses the chalice to Gandor's lips and pours the potion mixed with her blood into Gandor till every drop is gone.

Looking softly into his eyes, she calls his name but not a muscle does he move. The air by now is thick with the smoke from the fields and all are worried that there is little time left. Caressing his cheek she begs Gandor to awake but still not a movement does he make. With tears falling from her eyes she pleads for him to revive, and as the last bit of hope is fading, she presses her lips to his, kissing him, as if it were for the last time. Though it is but the first. Beneath her moist lips she feels him stir, she calls his name. Looking into Sarah's eyes in wonderment, not fully aware of all that has transpired. But feeling an overwhelming sense of love and adoration for this maiden besides him Gandor awakes.

Shaking his head he smells the fires raging... Looking up he sees his parents. Crying his name they rush to his side. His mother Safina embraces her treasured son. Then Tutu embraces him as well and goes on to explain that there is no time to waste.

Kissing his beloved mother and softly stroking Sarah's cheek he tells them to wait near the river as he rushes off to stop the fires from burning the entire field.

He reaches the fires but the blaze by now is too much for even him to handle. Invidious is trapped in the Ring of Fire. Rushing through the blazing Ring, Gandor sweeps Invidious up and takes him to safety.

Racing to the horn of the mountains to summon the help of the Cloud Dragon. He prays to her asking her to unleash a torrent of rain over the fields. His prayers are finally answered as the Cloud Dragon, Thundesha, opens the gates of storms on to the field of berry bushes drowning the fires swiftly.

Near the rivers edge Cassandra takes a turn for the worst. Having lost so much blood she is near death. Will she survive to be reunited with her Gandor? Only time will tell.......

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