As the storm arose from the bog, the taste of the lust of night grew palpable. This night being the "Passing of the Fang": A monumental occasion when all young dragons celebrate, and hope that the grand occasion brings the birth of yet another great Knighted Dragon.

Who, on this darkest of nights, will be chosen? Who will be mightiest, and yet have the wisdom to know when might should be used or when knowledge and understanding should be dictated?

Which young one among us has crossed that invisible line?

The silvery light from the full moon cascaded down, covering all at the celebration in a glow of shining light. The fires danced off each and every living thing, making all seem that much more magical on this most solemn night of the year...

The eldest and wisest of the Knighted Dragons, Baron Yago, took the age old Fang from its crystal box and held it high into the air, intoning, " this Fang, the tooth of wisdom, the symbol of honor. Given to us from the great protector of Sun~Lo, the wise and mighty Dragon El Alcazar." "It is said that, within this powerful tooth, Alcazar's spirit resides. And that on this night, the "Passing of the Fang", his spirit will come down from Nozell to find the next young dragon who is wise and strong enough to become one of the many protectors of Sun~Lo, one of the Knighted."

The storm raised in its fury, thunder clapped, and the lighting tore through the sky. In a circle, the young dragons sang chants centuries old. Passed down from father to daughter and son, and then on to their children.

Suddenly, all became calm and the world grew quiet. Within this quiet stillness grew a feeling of anticipation,. the young dragons not knowing what or who was coming, but sensing change nonetheless.

A large moan rumbled as the clouds collided. Then from the skies there came a clap of thunder, and a thick mist covered everything, making vision impossible.

From out of the mist did her magical form appear. So splendid and regal, all knowing, all seeing, but with a benevolence felt by all, respected by all. It was the Great Mother Dragoness Emphera, and beside her stood the Magnificent and wise Dragon El Alcazar. Emphera held a torch high, and with a shattering roar, she took a long look around.

The elder Baron Yago approached them both and handed the glowing "Fang" to Alcazar. With that, Alcazar waved the glowing "Fang" high above all the young dragons. As he did this, these words he did speak: "Of you, there is one who has crossed the line. His or Her wisdom and chivalry has deemed that He or She shall be one of the chosen. As the "Fang" of my fang is ever present, it shall point to the One."

All the young dragons held their breath as they awaited the moment when one of them would be bestowed the honor of becoming one of the knightly protectors of Sun~Lo.

From the tip of the Fang, a beam of light stretched out above the throng of dragons, looking for the one, among the many, to pass this torch of honor and wisdom on to. Who was ready? Who was brave enough to face the challenges that such power would ultimately bring?

But there, in the distance, did one stand out above all. It was the ever just, and hopeful,dragon Gandor. The "Fang's" beam of light shot to Gandor, touching his inner soul. And there on this magical night, his being became illuminated; radiating such a warm and loving light, touching all, filling all with its goodness. All but one jealous, angry and envious little dragon, by the name of Invidious.

Emphera slowly stretched her Majestic wings and pulled out a magical pendant. It was a small emerald green fang, hanging from a silver rope. At this, Baron Yago lead Gandor up to Emphera, where she placed the pendant around his neck and he knelt down, swearing to always justly protect the Realm of Sun~Lo with every breath of his being and wisdom.

With the swearing of the oath, all the young dragons cheered with joy at the coming of a new protector. The young dragons knowing, understanding, that they had lessons yet to learn before taking this solemn oath. All but one, the selfish Invidious!
With a wave of her mighty wing Emphera announced that it was time for the celebration to begin. Mystic Saffron and Lord Zangor join the celebration along with Zephyr de Mara, as did all of the other mystics, fairies, and dragons who dwelt within Sun~Lo.

Food, song, dance, and games began with everyone partaking in the joyous occasion, congratulating the now Knighted Dragon Gandor.

But off in a distant cave, the envious dragon Invidious ploted to ruin Gandor's name and good standing within the community of Sun~Lo. Huddled near a fire he ploted with his minions, trying to decide how they could stop the coming of the New Year of Zonation, which is marked to be the end of world division.

What would become of Sun~Lo? What will the envious Invidious do to ruin Gandor's name and good standing? How will he thwart the coming of the New Year of Zionation, putting the plan of ending world divisions in jeopardy? For these and other answers, tune in next time... when.... Only the rich in heart and wisest of soul can possibly have a chance at stopping Invidious, ending the threat to the Realm of Sun~Lo and the World around us all!

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