A Tribute to my Savior,
Fae Zephyr de Mara

From her little one, Gandor, the Dragon of Hope

It came about so suddenly; I hardly know where to begin...
Well, I guess I should begin at the beginning, with a sort of poem that describes what I, Gandor, The Dragon of Hope, was feeling when Fae Zephyr de Mara came to my rescue…

It was a cool, crisp night, and the wind was soft and supple. This soft, yet moist, wind caressed my face. Like the comfort of a warm, down filled blanket, enfolding my body on a cold winter's eve. Sparking memories of a presence, of a being or a force, that protects and loves and sooths my weathered flesh from the bitterness of Life. Allowing a sublime, peaceful calm to envelop me…. And there within I lie… Thank you, 'O Magical Fae Zephyr de Mara!

The Rescue of Gandor: the Li'l Dragon of Hope

Lost and alone, I shivered in the dark of night; fearful and hungry. I was not even 3 years old, and yet there I was, totally alone and shivering on the water's edge.
You see, my mother, the very Beautiful and Strong African Dragon, Safina: protector of all the little ones and wife to the Courageous Dragon, Tutu: guardian of the fields and peace keeper of the mighty and lush lands of Africa, saved me, their only son, and many like me from the fires that swept the lands in Africa. But alas, they could not save themselves.
In their rush to whisk as many children as possible to safety, their mighty wings became weighted down with all the soot from the fires. So as they were heading back towards the blaze, their mighty wings failed them, and like angels gliding from the sky, they were taken deep into the sea: To live for all eternity sharing their gifts with the children of Deptha.
'Tis a sad story of sorts for me, but one of which I am very proud. I was blessed to have two wonderful parents who fought so hard to save so many. And deep within my heart I know they are happy in the knowledge that they were able to do all that they could for those younger and weaker than they. And it is in this thought that I feel such Joy and Pride; and from this Joy and Pride, that Hope was born.
However, being left on the shore in the cold of the night, with no food or shelter, I became weaker and weaker. And in my despair I wondered what was to be my fate? Were my parents'lives gone for naught? Was I doomed to wither away here on the shore, alone and hungry?
I gazed up into the heavens and watched its magical lights dance across the sky, and somehow I felt calm, peaceful, protected. And in the end, I was all of those things. For, before I knew it, a sweet and gentle breeze caressed my wings and there she was, the Magical Fae Zephyr de Mara!
Such a sight one could never believe! Down she came, creasing the sky with a trail of gold dust, circling down towards me; covering me in her blanket of magical fae dust. This magical, glistening dust brought back my strength and gave me warmth. And now, together, we remain joined friends and guardians for life.

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