Lovely Mystic Saffron is filled with wisdom and patients, strength and courage. She is the Beautiful Mistress of Sun~Lo.
Lord Zangor, a firey orange dragon is the loyal, companion, and faithful, protector of Mystic Saffron. They jointly tend to the cares of the Realm of Sun~Lo.
Fae Zephyr de Mara a special fae that travels the Realm of Sun~Lo like a gentle breeze over a cool lake. Your guide, always seeking and spreading the news.
Gandor The Dragon of Hope. Son of Dragon, Dalia and Dragond Matamu. Fae Zephyr de Mara came to his rescue and became the closest of friends. A Knightly Dragon if ever there was one.
Beautiful Daliah protector of all the lil' ones and wife to the Courageous Dragon Matamua, guardian of the fields and peace keeper of the mighty and lush lands of AfricoNa.
Baron Yago protector of the age old Fang, the eldest and wisest of the Knighted Dragons. It was given to him from the great protector of Sun~Lo, the wise and mighty Dragon El Alcazar.
Dragon El Alcazar. Great protector of Sun~Lo, the wise and mighty one. It is said that on the night of the "Passing of the Fang", his spirit will come down from Nozell to find the next young dragon who is wise and strong enough to become one of the many protectors of Sun~Lo.
Great Mother Dragoness Emphera regal, all knowing, all seeing, but with a benevolence felt by all, respected by all. Keeper of the magical pendant a emerald green fang hanging from a silver rope.
Dragon Invidious selfish and envious of others espcially Gandor. He plotted to ruin Gandor's name and good standing within the community of Sun~Lo. But Fate steps in and is given a second chance to repent when he is called by the elders to guide Gandor out of the storm...
Dragoon Guard Elite the protectors of the fang and the Hall of Dragons. Protectors to those of the High Mountain and of the Dragon Royality.
Nardarla is the guard of Nourishment's of the Seven Sectors of the World. She put a Ring of Fire around Invidious to imprison him from further destroying the fields.
Maiden Sarah, one of such beauty, daughter of the late Baron Grayknight whose lands and life were stolen by the Treacherous Forest. She was left to live in her fathers castle with only a small plot of land for which to grow food and herbs from. She is also Gandor's beloved.
Cloud Dragon, Thundesha, the Keeper of the Rain. Goddess of the elements and music. She comes to aid of those who seek it.
Dragon Agonon from Hyperon the wisest medicine dragon known to the world. He lives within the "Cave of Heals".
The Mystic Portachello, Keeper of The Eye of the Mystical Fig Pit. The eye lies within his lair sealed deep within a beautiful jeweled, wooden box.

Places to Visit in the Realm of Sun~Lo

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Sun~Lo Historians Society Presents
The Story of Sun~Lo

A Tribute
Passing of the Fang
Gandor's Test
The Test of Selflessnes~~Saving Sarah
The Journey Back to Hyperon
Character's of the Realm of Sun~Lo
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