This site is dedicated to Viktor Pelevin.

Viktor Pelevin is a Soviet-born writer. That said, go find something he wrote and indulge yourself.

"Ya v sebe davno iz'zhil klassifikatora real'nosti."
"I have long ago killed my inner classifier of reality."

Unfortunately, Pelevin's translator never fails to butcher his work (in making it PC etc.) That's why I recently started to translate Pelevin's latest work to date, "Generation 'P'" from Russsian to English. For various technical reasons, I started from chapter 7.

Homo Zapiens: chapter 7 of "Generation 'P'"

"Chapaev and Void" - i started translating the first chapter, but then learned that a "professional" translation was on the way. It was fun comparing them later on.

What is...

(i'm not trying to sell you his books, i just needed reviews)

Omon Ra
Life of the Insects
Life of the Insects #2
The Yellow Arrow
Blue Lantern and Other Stories
A Werewolf Problem in Central Russia, and Other Stories
Buddha's Little Finger
Buddha's Little Finger - review
Babylon ("Generation P")


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