Interview with Mary Austen

Entertainment Express - BBC1 Friday 8th January


Mary Austen

Freddie and I went... I think we were dating for about six months, and then we started to live together, which we both approached fairly cautiously, and we ended up being together for... living together for about seven years. We started off as friends, and when the relationship failed it was the friendship that carried us both through for twenty two years. I used to learn things about our relationship through interviews that he did, mainly for David Wigg at `the Express`. [ British newspaper ]

David Wigg - Showbusiness Editor Daily Express

Of course the public perception of Freddie was that he was gay, and not many people knew that he had this very deep love for Mary Austen. It was an extraordinary relationship, which became like brother and sister, where it had started off as lovers.

Mary Austen

It took a long while for me to really fall in love with this man, but once there I could never turn away from him. His pain became my pain, his joy became my joy.

David Wigg

The only person that he felt comfortable with... really, truly comfortable was Mary, who was I think, the truest love of his life.

Mary Austen

I was able to look inside, almost, another human being, and what I saw was a treasure trove of beauty, and I think that he also did that to a few million people outside too. And that's why, I think, the fans continue to feel the way they feel about him, it's that they saw that beauty, they saw the fun, they saw all the aspects of Freddie's personality, and they too fell in love... with him.


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