The Attic

(with boxes, junk, boxes full of junk, spider webs and the whole kit and caboodle)

My Freddie Mercury/Queen Page has encountered some problems (info overflow, to be exact). So I moved all the Queen resources (articles, interviews, concert & album reviews, some quotes) here. This is only until I can design a better archives page.

Concert Reviews
(so far - none :)
Brian May, 1991
Brian May, 1993; Toronto
A Queen crash course
A highly useful article on bootlegs
Freddie Mercury: dead or..?
God save the Queen!
A column on Brian, from Total Guitar
Is this man a Prat?
Queen Rocks
Brian, 1975
Brian and Roger on VH1
Queen discuss 'Day At The Races'
Brian's farewell to Freddie
Freddie the Champion
Freddie, 1985
Freddie, 1
Freddie, 2
Jim Hutton speaks
A word from Mary Austin
Memento from a fab five
Album Reviews
A collection of reviews for 'Made In Heaven'

Okay, this is it for now.


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