Jedi Knight Weapons

Kyle Katarn is awesome and skilled with the Force, but even he would get his butt kicked if he went against the entire army of baddies with no weapons. Here you can check out the 10 weapons you can get, who uses them and what they do. This page takes 72 seconds to load, but please be patient and read some of the info while waiting.

FistsFists - Of course, you have these right from the start. The Fists are the worst weapons out of all of them, only really meant to be used if you are out of weapons and/or ammo. The only other bad guy who uses his fists only are a few Grans, and they hit harder than you!

Blaster PistolBlaster Pistol - The Blaster Pistol, with the acceptation of the Fists, is the wimpiest weapon. Kyle starts out with this one. Bad guys who use this weapon are Rodains and Imperial Officers. The Blaster Pistol is about as good as the Blaster Rifle, but it is not rapid-fire and the shot is not as good.

Blaster RifleBlaster Rifle - The Blaster Rifle is pretty much the default weapon of Jedi Knight. Kyle first gets it from a Gran he kills. It is rapid-fire and shoots more dangerous blasts than the Blaster Pistol, making it superior. They were meant for only Imperials, but most get stolen and used by Rebels and Bounty Hunters. Enemies that use this weapon are Imperial Commandos, Stormtroopers, and Grans.

Thermal DetonatorsThermal Detonators - These guys are as nasty and deadly as the name makes them sound. They are little bombs that explode when it touches the wall, ground, enemy or yourself. They can be tossed without hurting yourself in the process. Kyle gets them from certain Grans, which are the only enemies who use them.

BowcasterBowcaster - I was not aware that they had a Bowcaster than a human could carry. I've always like this weapon, which is the weapon that Chewbacca uses, but the Wookie Bowcaster is for Wookies only, can't be used by humans (or so I've heard), but this one is made for humans. Kyle gets it from Grave Tuskens, the only enemies who use this weapon.

Imperial Repeater RifleImperial Repeater Rifle - The Imperial Repeater Blaster is used by Field Troopers. Kyle can pry it from their cold dead fingers and use it. It fires a very rapid-fire stream of yellow balls of energy. It takes several shots to kill an enemy with it, but you can fire so many shots so fast, you hardly even tell.

Rail DetonatorRail Detonator - The Rail Detonator fires missiles at the enemy. It fires on impact as soon as you shoot a bad guy. Don't shoot too close, though. You could easily do the same amount of damage on yourself. The Rail Detonator is used by Imperial Field Troopers, and be careful of them. They are good shots and the Detonator is a very dangerous weapon in the enemy hands. It is also very useful in your hands.

Sequencer ChargeSequencer Charge - Sequencer Charges are not used by any bad guys, although there are some lying around that will destroy you if you hit them. DO NOT mix up the charges that kill you with the ones you pick up. You can use the charges and then run away as it will explode immediately. This weapon explodes killing the enemy and possibly hurting you if you don't get out of the blast's way. This device is very useful in a place with lots of charging bad guys.

Concussion RifleConcussion Rifle - The Concussion Rifle is the deadliest energy weapon of them all and one of my personal favorites. The only enemy that uses one is the Trandoshan, and he uses it very well, so be careful. The Trandoshan is also where you get the gun. It fires compressed bullets of ionized air that explode on impact. They can be shot at an enemy who is right next to you and not damage you, so use it well, but be careful because ammo for it is hard to find.

LightsaberKyle Katarn Armed With LightsaberLightsaber - The Lightsaber. The most important weapon. The most powerful weapon. The greatest weapon in the game. The Lightsaber is the true weapon of the Jedi Knight. It uses no ammo or energy units, although you can use Light Surges to make it more powerful. The Lightsaber must be used up-close, much like a sword, but it can also ricochet off energy unit shots and can block another Lightsaber. The game is impossible to beat without the Lightsaber since you can't defeat the 7 Dark Jedis without it. Rahn gave his lightsaber to Morgan Katarn, trusting it to get to Kyle. Morgan hid it in WeeGee's compartment. When Kyle came to his old home, he found WeeGee and got it. It was like instinct. He automatically knew how to expertly use it. It is a great Green color like the one Luke Skywalker constructed, seen in Return of the Jedi. If you play for the Light Side, Boc smashes it with a rock and you can take Yun's Lightsaber when Yun is struck down by Sariss when he defends your right for a battle to the death. Yun's is red, like Darth Vader's. The only enemies that use Lightsabers are the 7 Dark Jedis. Jerec, Sariss, Yun, Maw, Gorc and Pic all use one. Boc uses two expertly, and only a few Jedis are known to use two. The Lightsaber, unlike all the other weapons, cannot be taken from a Jedis hand using the Force.

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