The Time Trap
by Empiresam

    "Janitor Wilco! What are you doing?! You are supposed to be cleaning up on the bridge!" Commander Kielbasa scolded Roger as he was stuffing his face with replicator donuts.

    "I was.....uh.....resting up for it, sir!"Roger lied.

    "Well, OK, Janitor. Just hurry up, OK?"

    Kielbasa finished as he strolled of towards Intra-Ship Transport.

    "Yeah, right! Like I'm gonna stop in the middle of dinner and clean up on the bridge!"

    Just then Roger remembered what happened last time when he didn't do as he was ordered.

    When he didn't plunge the astrohead like he was told, he had to scrape the waste off the walls for weeks!

    "Well I guess I'm off to clean the bridge!"

An Hour Later....

    "Well that's that. Now all I have to do is put the mop and bucket away, and put down the safety cones so nobody--ahhhhhh!


    Fortunately, our hero caught himself on a computer console and didn't fall on his butt.

    "Good thing I caught myself on the computer console and didn't fall on my butt!"

    Unfortunately, our graceful hero didn't notuice he had pushed the RED button. You're never supposed to push the RED button.

    Suddenly, a hole appeared much like the one in SQ4, except Roger didn't hop in this one. It sucked him in!


    Commander Kielbasa turned to tell janitor Wilco what his next orders were, but could find no trace of Roger.

    "OOOMMMPPPHHH!" Roger fell flat on his face.

    He looked up to see a huge castle.

    He walked up to a guard and asked,"Where am I?"

    The guard responded, "You're in the land of Daventry as well as in front of the castle. Now either go in or get outta here!

    Roger looked at the status bar to make sure this wasn't some holojoint virus, and to his horror, he saw that he was in King's Quest!

    "I think I'll... go in," Roger said.

    As Roger looked around he saw a man with a crown on his head, his subjects, and a Magic Mirror that looked like the tunnel he was sucked through!

    "Uh, sir, may I use your mirror?"

    "You're certainly welcome to, but I don't see how you would use it?"

    "Like this!"

    As Roger jumped through the mirror, he forgot that he had the floppy disk labeled: EVIL GENIUS, SLUDGE VOHAUL.


    While Mordak was brewing up a potion to try to cure his brother, he saw a odd square lan near him. Mordak read what it said on the front and used the power of his wand to bring the character to life.


    "Thank you for bringing me back to life," An evil voice said.(It was vohaul, duh.)

    "If you don't mind, I'd , like to use your magic wand...."


    Roger this time landed on his feet back in the Space Quest Series. Unfortunately, it looked like SQ12. He was back in the Super Computer!

    "Hello again, Roger Wilco. You're just in time to see me destroy all of civilization by using these genetically engineered Girl Scouts! There is no abortion code! After I have destroyed civilization, I will bring what little is left to my knees!"

    "Wait! You said I get to do that!" Mordak screamed.

    "I lied! Tough luck, Mordak!"

    "NO! C'mere Vohaul, I'm gonna wring your mop good!"

    Biff! Wham! Pow! Crack!

    Roger noticed that both were in the range of the suspension beam, and the floppy disk Vohaul was in was at his feet.

    Roger plugged the disk in the access panel and turned on the beam, freezing Mordak giving Vohaul a sharp punch to the jaw for eternity. Roger picked beam download, disk upload and Vohaul and Mordak.

    As Roger put the disk away and walked out of the Super Computer, he noticed that there was a strange looking stick at his feet. he picked it up. Suddenly, it noticed it was no longer in the hands of its former owner.

    It started to vibrate....shake...... Roger had enough sense to drop it and run, but it was too late.

    The wand exploded.

    Roger was blown off the edge of the complex, and started falling.....falling...falling...towards a pile of knives and daggers!

    Roger thought,"Darn! It had to be knives!"

    Suddenly, a time rip opened just above the daggers. It started to close... he wasn't going to make it!

    Just before it closed all the way, He fell through.

    He fell through ANOTHER TUNNEL this time emerging in a hallway of a ship. he noticed there were dead bodies around. Suddenly, a door opened,(Or maybe a closet?) and a familiar looking man stepped out. He looked groggy and confused... and was wearing a name tag that said: Janitor Wilco.


Written by Empiresam Concept by Mattsch232

Copyright All Rights Reserved 1998

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