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    First off, before we get started here.......THERE WILL BE NO SPACE QUEST 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right! The Space Quest series is now going to stop at 6! The Sierra people thought there we just not enough people that enjoy Space Quest. We must not let Roger Wilco die. We must not let Space Quest stop!
ROGER WILCO MUST NOT DIE! SPACE QUEST MUST BE SAVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So please, please, please don't just let it go! You can help! Visit the save Space Quest 7 page and help Space Quest!

    Welcome to Ulence Flats, one of the safest spots to be on Keronia. No Grell is gonna munch on you here. No Sarien Spider Droids coming anywhere around here. Orats can't make it through the protection system here. So don't worry about anything. Relax. Go to the Keronian Bar and order a Keronian Ale. Buy or rent a ship at Tiny's Used Ship Lot. Pick up a robot or two at Robot's B Us.

   This site was previously just the Keronian Bar. But it has undergone some changes thanks to Microsoft Frontpage 98 and has now been changed to the entire Ulence Flats city, although the main place to be is still the bar. There is lots more to do here than the previous Keronian Bar, so enjoy yourself. E-Mail me, Colin McEvoy, any comments or suggestions or anything like that.

    Here's how you navigate around this place. Click on the Keronian Bar to go inside the bar and see other options. Click on Tiny's Used Ship Lot to go there and see stuff about ships. Click on Droid's B Us to there and see stuff about robots, items and weapons. Click on the red grafitti markings to see links to other Space Quest and Sierra-related sites.

The Keronian Bar

Enterance To Bar (More)

Tiny's Used Ship Lot (Ships)

Droid's B Us (Droids & Stuff)

Red Grafitti (Links)

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Since February 16, 1998, the Ulence Flats population is and climbing.

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