Jedi Knight Screenshots

These are my Jedi Knight screenshots. Some I took myself, some I found all over the Inter-Net. Soon, I hope to have more available, but so far, this is it. Just click the smaller picture to view a larger version of it. This page takes approximately 91 seconds to load, but it is well worth the wait so please be patient. Enjoy!

My Screenshots


Die Gran!

Shuttle Explosion



An AT-AT Shows It's Ugly Face (44kb)

Kyle Katarn Slices A Gran Away (41kb)

Katarn Puts a Scratch in 8t88's Shuttle (34kb)

Gorc Take A Deadly Swing (32kb)

Weegee (21kb)
Furious Battle With Katarn, Pic and Gorc Pic is Defeated Katarn and Sariss Fight  Gran Imperial Probe Droid
Furious Battle with Katarn, Goc & Pic (19kb)  Pic is Defeated (16kb) Katarn & Sariss Duke It Out (16kb) Gran (16kb) Imperial Probe Droid (13kb)

Grave Tusken

Field Trooper Yun Sariss Rodian

Grave Tusken (12kb)

Field Trooper (12kb) Yun (11kb) Sariss (11kb) Rodian (8kb)


Other Screenshots


Corellian Corvette Being Destroyed
An AT-ST Joins the Party (56kb)

A Correlian Corvette is Thrown Away by Jerec (44kb)

Maw Jerec Boc C2 Stormtrooper
Maw (36kb) Jerec (25kb) Boc (20kb) C2 Droid (11kb) Stormtrooper (7kb)


Patch Screenshots

Bearded Kyle Jedi Jan The "Sand People" Tusken Raiders Lara Croft

A Very Cool Pic Of Kyle With a Beard (39kb)

Download Kyle Goatee Patch

A Cool Pic of Jan as as a Jedi (35kb) The Original Tusken Raider (23kb)

Download New Tusken Raider Patch

Lara Croft of Tomb Raider Replacing Jan Ors (11kb)

Download Tomb Raider Patch

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