Tiny's Used Spacecraft Lot

TinyHey there bucko! The name's Tiny. I own this here place, Tiny's Used Ship Lot. Welcome! Go on, go on, look around at all the great ships we got here. This place is the best place to get used spacecrafts on this fine planet of Keronia.  So just look below at the ships that that interest you and I'll give you some info on it. Roger Wilco himself, the guy who saved the galaxy a few times, has shopped here and he was very happy with his purchase, so check all the ships out and maybe you can save the galaxy too! Don't be a stranger!

Aluminum MallardThe Aluminum Mallard - Ah, I see you've got an eye for the good stuff, am I right? This beauty of a ship is the Aluminum Mallard, my personal favorite of all the ships in the galaxy. It may not look like much, but it truly is a fine hunk of ju.....er, machinery. It was owned by Roger Wilco, that loser who saved the universe a few times, I lost count. Anyway, he found in a Trash Compactor ship of some sort and stole it. He used it to rescure Mark & Scott, the two cool dudes from Andremodea, who fixed it's hyperdrive unit. Roger sold this sucker to me after he joined up with Star-Con and now it can be yours for a reasonable price!!!! Wanna buy this bad boy?

Hammster 1000Hammster 1000 - Here's another fine spacecraft Roger Wilco has previously used. This is the Hammster 1000, stolen by Roger Wilco from the docks of the Starcon ship the SCS Deepship 86. Roger used the Vulgar Nerve Pinch on the owner, who was guarding the docking bay (kinda ironic, huh?) and took the keys. This thing's got it all. A security system, a nifty key chain with the security system remote on it, a computer-generator co-pilot, a beaming down system, an EVA suit, power cables, a handy ship manuel and a HELP sign, in case you ever get into a jam like a wormhole or black hole or something like that. Roger used it to go into the body of Stellar Santiago and save her life. (Don't ask me to try and explain that, just play SQ7.) But don't worry, I got all the internal organ gunk off of it. Wanna buy this sucker?

Skull FighterSkull Fighter - The Skull Fighter is a frightening and fiesty little ship that was used by the Scumsoft Pirates of the dreaded Scumsoft company. Elmo Pug, the former president of Scumsoft, hand sereval of these standing by his place all the time, ready to go out and kick butt. When Roger Wilco beat him, embarrassed him, humiliated him, defeated him and crushed his spirits in a game of Dukem Nukem Robots, Elmo launched several Skull Fighters to get Roger before he escaped in the Aluminum Mallard, but Rog managed to destroy some! One pirate ejected and I got the ship and am selling it now! Wanna buy this beauty?

I just ordered a stock of ships, so more and more should be on it's way. Check back here, or E-Mail me and tell me you want to be put on the Ulence Flats Update List and I'll let you know when I get some new ones!

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