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Space Quest is such a great computer game series, definitely one of the best. Sierra did such a fine job on it. But now, they have decided to stop their very anticipated Space Quest 7 program. Since Stellar Santiago said we'd have to wait to find out what would happen to Roger, all of us wanted to know. Now, we may never know. Sierra has canceled Space Quest 7! Read this lettter by Leslie Balfour to see why.

This is horrible news. We may have known it wouldn't last forever, but we're not ready to let it go yet. I know you SQ fans out there want to help but don't think you can make a difference, but you can. You have to do it for Roger Wilco! Help save Space Quest 7!

This look like a good way to help in saving Space Quset 7. Lots, and I mean LOTS, of people have signed the petition to save Space Quest 7. If we get enough people, Sierra may see that people do want Space Quest and that it shouldn't be canceled.

Sign the petition PLEASE!!!!!!!
View the petition PLEASE!!!!!!!

Here are some people you can E-Mail to help save Space Quest 7. Please express that you want Space Quest 7 to be saved nicely, not violently or meanly.

Chris McLeod (CUC President)
Craig Alexander (Director of Space Quest's production)
Scott Lynch (Head of Adventure Games development at Sierra)
Todd Coyle (Head of Centralized Sales Organazation)

Space Quest 7 CartoonThis is kind of like a political cartoon on the Inter-Net. It was created by Neil Schuh and boy is it right. The man shooting Roger Wilco represents CUC. CUC is the company that owns Sierra and they are responsible for cancelling Space Quest 7. They don't think enough people want it to be made, that's why we have to prove otherwise and show that we want Space Quest! This cartoon is excellent, not because of Roger Wilco bleeding dead at the feet of CUC, but because this is exactly how it is. It's really like that, CUC stopping Space Quset 7 and killing Roger Wilco.

Ray GunHere we have a handy dandy ray gun. This is not just a sketch, this is the actual in-game graphics that would've appeared in Space Quest 7. As far as I can tell, it's an inventory object or something. It's rare that Roger ever gets a weapon, the pulsar in Space Quest 1 and the Alluminum Mallard's weapons in Space Quest 3, and now he won't get a chance with Space Quest 7 cancelled. Who knows what this raygun could do? I mean, sure, it kills people, that's a given. But does it make them disappear and disintegrate like the pulsar, or heat up, or freeze, or explode, or implode? We may never know unless we can save Space Quest 7.

DougHere we have a sketch of Doug. Sierra only knows what part in Space Quest 7 he would have had, but we can all tell he'd be smoking lots of cigarettes and I doubt he'd be much use to Roger Wilco's journey. It's possible that a picture that is below a little bit could be an early sketch of this alien, since they are both smoking, although this one is smoking lots more than the one below. It looks like it was born to smoke and doing nothing but smoke for the rest of his life. What with the mouth and cigarette clutching hand. This is a sketch of an alien that would'be definitely been in Space Quest 7, that's all we know about him. If we want this creature to live like we want Roger Wilco to live, we have to save Space Quest 7. This sketch was made in August 1997. (I'll bet Fester Blatz would love to get his hands on this little guy for his Implants 'N' Stuff store, unless he's already got one!)

Space Quest 7 CreatureHere is a sketch of an alien that would have appeared in Space Quest 7. He kinda reminds me of Fester Blatz a little bit. I think he may be an early sketch of Doug, the cigarette smoking alien you see above you. He's really chomping down on his cigar, so it's possible. He looks to have 3 eyes, although I can't tell if that's a fourth one on the side of his head or if that's an ear. What is that? He's also got three nostril-looking holes down his face and 3 slits through his face that he might breath through. He could be a water creature. Who knows? More importantly, who cares? He's another one of the many very cool creatures in the Space Quest galaxy. Only this one has a unfortunate twist to him. This one will never be created. Since there will be no Space Quest 7, this wierd looking cigar smoking alien will never even exist in the computer game world. We have to save Space Quest 7, for this alien, for Doug, for the ray gun, for Roger Wilco, for all Space Quest fans around the country who don't want it to die just quite yet. So please, do whatever you can at this site and at other Save Space Quest site to help save Space Quest 7!

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