Characters - The Neutrals

The Neutral characters of this game are pretty much nothing more than a nuisance. Someone who is in the way when you are trying to fight. However, they are also a test. The good Light Side Jedi would put up with them and not give into aggression by killing them. The evil Dark Side Jedi would kill them gleefully. Although it is fun, can you stop yourself from killing them? Or will you give into the hate?

8t88 - Although most would refer to 88 as a bad guy, as I would, 8t88 doesn't serve anyone but himself, so he should be considered neutral. He was born a lowly calculation droid, pretty much just an accountant. But 88 really wants to be more human than droid. His two true loves are power and money. He's never against killing to get them, as he tried to kill Kyle Katarn, which only got his arm shot off. He got it replaced eventually. 88 has many Grans and several Rodians working for him, most of which got killed when Kyle went to get a disk from 88. 8t88 goes on to foolishly work for the 7 Dark Jedis to gain a reward which results in Gorc and Pic slicing his head off with their lightsabers.

Gonk - They are named after the "GONK" noise they speak. The Gonk is a Power Droid, which is pretty much a box on legs. If you kill them, they may leave power-ups, although they could affect your Force standings. Known Gonk droids are EG-6 from the Sandcrawler in A New Hope and EG-4 that is seen wandering around in the Rebel Hoth Base on The Empire Strikes Back.

R2 Unit - R2 Units are found all over the place in this game. All kinds too. R2 types, R5 types, lots of types and different color ones. Their main purpose is for mechanical utilities and repairs, navigaton and communications. The most famous R2 unit is of course, the lovable robot R2-D2. One of the greats!

c2.gif (11757 bytes)C2 Droid - I don't know why this is called the C2 droid instead of a 3P0 droid, but I have done some research and found that that is what it is called. If anyone else out there knows otherwise, E-Mail me and let me know. Anyway, there are about 3 or 4 C2 droids in this game. They are protocal droids and use computer systems in this game. This particular droid is similar to E-3P0, the droid who said that rude comment (whatever it was, I didn't understand the language comment) to C-3P0. They speak a strange foriegn language in this too. The most known of these droids is, of course, the worry-wart C-3P0, another awesome robot.

City Pedestrians - The pedestrians are really annoying in this game. They are men and women who always get in the way of the fighting. Some of them warn you of trouble, some plead for help, some just want to be left alone.

Mouse Bot - These are small, harmless, ground-level droids. I usually duck down and shoot them with the Blaster Pistol, since they cough up a battery when they die. I'm not sure if shooting them effects your Force or not.

Medical Droid - Medical Droids are only found in civilized places like cities or even Imperial Bases, not places like caves or anything like that. When you see one, you go up to it and click the spacebar on it and it will heal up your damage. A famous medical droid is 2-1B, the medical droid who fixes up Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back.

Ugnaughts - Last and certainly least, the Ugnaughts. I hate these guys in this game, although not really in the actual Star Wars galaxy. In this game, they are nothing but annoying guys who make a point to get in your way no matter what. They are usually found in industrial areas fixing things. They are bad-tempered and chase you around sometimes. I like shooting them when I am playing as a Dark Jedi.

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