The Keronian Bar

Keronian BartenderHey there pal, I'll be your bartender this evening. I'll also be your bartender tomorrow, the next day, and pretty much for the rest of my life. So, you want a drink? Each drink tells a story and you can read all about the story by selecting the drink. The menu will tell you what drink tells what story. You can also hear my gossip and I'll tell you about people that I know or have heard of. I also have a free magazine for you in hopes you will return to this bar someday soon. The magazine has no stories or ads or anything intelligent like that! No, this magazine has nothing put pictures. You know, screenshots!!!! So be sure to check it out! So, are you thirsty? The desert can do that to you. What'll it be?

Gossip (Character Information)

Menu (Stories)

Magazine (Screen Shots)

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