Jedi Knight Patches

New Half C-3P0, Half Man Looking Cyborg Kyle - The cool patch made by David Mason. This patch turns Kyle into half C-3P0 and half regular cyborg guy. It is really cool looking, Kyle keeps looking more different all the time! Great Patch, David Mason!

Mandolarian Armor - The third patch that Derrick Andrew Berlin made. This patch allows you to play as a Mandalore warrior, which is a warrior wearing armor like Boba Fetts, but you can choose the armor color. You can choose from the regular Boba Fett armor, black armor, blue armor, green armor, orange armor, purple armor, red armor, yellow armor and white armor.

Default Saber Change - Another patch by Derrick Andrew Berlin. This patch will change the appearance of the default lightsabers. Some people don't like the saber colorations that Lucasarts made for this game, so this patch is good for those people. The lightsabers colors that improve are black, dark purple, dark red, light purple, light red, default blue, default dark red, white, default yellow, default red, default green, default purple and default orange.

Goatee Kyle - Don't you hate how in the cutscenes, Kyle's got a beard and then suddenly during the game, it's gone? What did he do, shave real quick and then grow it back even quicker. Well, this excellent patch made by Derrick Andrew Berlin changes that little mistake, and makes it so Kyle has a goatee in the game and not just the cutscenes. Picture

Tomb Raider Patch - Tomb Raider is an awesome action and adventure game starring the rockin' Lara Croft. I am a huge fan of Tomb Raider 1 & 2. Which is why I think this patch is so cool. Now, using this patch made by Michael Galvez, Jan Ors becomes Lara Croft. Picture

New Tusken Raider - I know that when I first played this game, I saw the Grave Tuskens and said, "What kind of Tusken Raiders are these guys?" Eventually, I learned to like them, but I still like the real
"Sand People" Tusken Raiders better. And this patch, made by Tron, replaces them with the original Tusken Raiders we all know and love! Picture

Female Colonial Marine - Ever see Aliens? The awesome sequel to Alien, the best of the first 3 Alien movies? In this patch, you can play with Vasquez, the rocking female Marine from Aliens, in Jedi Knight. This patch was the first patch made by Clayton Cameron, who requests that if you want to make another Jedi Knight Marine patch, give her credit.

Play As Max the Rabbit in Single Player Mode - Just about anybody who likes Lucasarts games knows Max. You can now play this awesome little rabbit-like dude who makes cameos in almost every Lucasarts game in Single Player mode of Jedi Knight! A very nice patch made by John Basener. Check it out!

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