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WeegeeI hope you enjoyed my website here. I just wanted to express how much I like this game and give a little bit of info on it. I am waiting for Dark Forces 3 to come out, I can't wait. But until then, you just have to enjoy Jedi Knight for as long as possible.

Right now, I have only a few Jedi Knight links. This site has just been born, so I haven't really spread the word yet, but if you have a Dark Forces 2 - Jedi Knight website you want on this links page, let me know and I'll put it on. If you have a Dark Forces 1 website, I'll put it here too. Just E-Mail me the site name, your name, your E-Mail and the site URL and I'll put it here.

Jedi Knight Related Links

Jedi Knight on Lucasarts - Check out the Jedi Knight page at It's got cool stuff like an FAQ, cheats, updates, the demo and other cool stuff. So check it out!

Mysteries of the Sith on Lucasarts - Check out the add-on to Jedi Knight at A page with tons and tons at tons of cool stuff on the add-on to Jedi Knight, Mysteries of the Sith, including a demo.

Adam's Jedi Knight Page - This page is pretty cool. It's got TONS of cool stuff about Jedi Knight and MOTB. The force is with you, Adam.

PC Gamer Game Of The Year of 1997 - PC Gamer has anointed Jedi Knight the game of the year for 1997! Congrats Lucasarts! Read the article from PC Gamer as this hyperlink!

Jedi Knight on Happy Puppy - This is where you can read about what Happy Puppy has to say about Jedi Knight and download the demo. It's pretty cool and it says some nice stuff about Jedi Knight. You can download not only the demo here, but DirectX 5 as well.

Jedi Knight Cheats at Happy Puppy - Here are the cheats for Jedi Knight as listed by Happy Puppy. It's not that good, but it's better than the one at Games Domain. It lists all the cheat codes for Jedi Knight, which you can get here, but you can check it out anyway.

Jedi Knight Cheats at Games Domain - This is where you can see all the stuff Games Domain has to offer on Jedi Knight. Believe me, there's not much there, but there are some cheat codes and other cool stuff, so if you have Jedi Knight, it's worth taking a look.

My Links, Friends Links or Other Links I Thought Should Be Listed Here

These links are to websites that I have made, have helped in making and my IRL (in real life) friends websites.

My Star Wars Page - Star Wars is the best movie trilogy ever created! Star Wars is a way of life, not just a movie! Check out my Star Wars page based on the awesome Imperial capital warship, The Imperial Super Star Destroyer Exectuor! Sign the guestbook!

Ulence Flats - This is my Space Quest page, completely redone, new and improved. Now, instead of being based on just the Keronian Bar from Space Quest, it is based on the entire city of Ulence Flats from Space Quest. Space Quest is an awesome computer space game that is very funny. I'd appreciate it if you'd E-Mail me and ask me about Space Quest 7 because it may not be made at all and I need all the help I can get in trying to save it! Please please please please help me!

My Save Space Quest 7 Site - Space Quest was one of the first PC games I ever played and if you think I'm gonna let it go, think again. I'm not ready to let Space Quest die quite yet! Please do everything you can to Save Space Quest 7!

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Dingman's Ferry, PA - This is the site for the church I go to. I helped create this website and we are always looking for more people to come and worship with us, so feel free to visit our page. You are welcome.

Tim's Homepage Full O' Stuff - This is a page made by one of my best friends, Tim Brockman. His page is pretty cool and it has stuff about Star Wars, Star Wars CCG and Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.


AMPS - AMPS is an awesome sim that I am a part of. It stands for Alien Marine Predator Sim. It's based on the Predator and Alien movies. I am a Marine in the Beta Platoon and the Marines kick alien ass! Check it out.

Beta PlatoonBeta Platoon, Marine Corps, AMPS - This is the platoon I am in in AMPS. I am a proud Marine in the Beta Platoon, who fight Predators, Aliens and anyone else who seems to be a threat to us. And we rock!

The Gauntlet - Check out this kickass RPG page by one of my good friends Rob Duncan. It's always under construction, and it's defefinitely worth a visit, so check it out.

Mario Gentil's Homepage - This is a page made by my good Inter-Net buddy Bayo. Bayo has been a friend of mine for a while now and has a cool homepage. You've gotta check out him singing. He's really good.

Travis's Page - This is the homepage of Travis, who is a good friend of mine over the Inter-Net. Check it out. He's got stuff about Jedi Knight, AMPS and himself, plus a cool MIDI file he made up in the background.

The Star Wars DatabaseThe Star Wars Database - A very good Star Wars site. It has a lot of stuff including multimedia, links, chat, ICQ stuff and other stuff like that. It's definitely worth taking a look at.

Homepage Link Exchange Club - This is a link exchange club that I joined up with. It's easy, free, will help to promote your website and link you to other websites you can visit.

If you have any Dark Forces-related sites you want to be posted here, E-Mail me the needed info and I'll put it here for the world to see and visit!

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