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StormtrooperWelcome to my unofficial Jedi Knight - Dark Forces 2 website! I was very pleased with Dark Forces when I first played it, and I knew there was going to be a sequel. So when Jedi Knight came out, was not surprised. I got it on Christmas of 1997 and beat it about week afterward. This game was great, 10 times better than Dark Forces. The graphics were very nice, easy to operate and the story was better too. I loved the Lightsaber battles and fighting the AT-ST's the most. I also like shooting the Pedestrians, Gonks & Ugnaughts. I know that's a little dark, and I only shoot them when I play to beat the game as a Dark Jedi. The Gonks and Civilians are fun to shoot, especially since they have no point the game and are always a bother. The Ugnaughts in this game are so annoying. I hate them more then most people hate Ewoks. Not that I hate Ugnaughts in the Star Wars Galaxy, but in this game they are so stupid and annoying. The only good one is a dead one. I was very glad that Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors were back and I was glad that the characters from the movies weren't there (like Darth Vader and Boba Fett) like they were in Dark Forces. I thought it was better when they had completely made up characters like Jerec and the other Dark Jedis.

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The Titantic more sucessful that Star Wars was? Click here to see what really sunk the Titantic! Thanks go out to the Star Wars Multimedia Headquarters for this cool picture!

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