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People underestimate the importance of the items in Jedi Knight. Sure, it seems like they don't matter, but some items if you didn't have them, you'd never get past certain doors and you wouldn't even make it to the first Jedi battle. Here's what some of the items, what they do and why they are important.

Journal Disk - This CD-like disk is not known by many people. The journal disk in this game contains a message to Kyle Katarn by his father Morgan. 8t88 found it when he was looking around Morgans home after Morgan was long after dead. When he asked Kyle what it was, he wouldn't tell him. Later, when 88 was trying to go to Jerec for his new job, he thought Kyle was dead. Kyle then paid him a visit and shot his arm off. This arm had the hand holding the Journal Disk. Kyle found the disk and used it on his robot buddy WeeGee to get his father's message.

Infrared Goggles - When Kyle is alone in the dark, he may have the Lightsaber to illuminate the area, but that's not enough. He can't see far and the enemies can see him without him seeing them. That's why the Infrared Goggles come in handy. They provide red vision for the area around him and any enemies lurking in the dark can't see Kyle, but Kyle can see them, which provides you a handy benefit.

Field Light - The Field Light is like the Infrared Goggles, but it is a light. Enemies can see you when you use it to light up the dark, but it also lets you see things clearer than the goggles. (although not as far off) The Field Light comes in a lot of handy when you are in an area you can't see.

Imperial Key - The Imperial Key is a strange looking key that are usually held by Imperial Officers. They are made for Imperial locks, not regular locks. Kyle has to steal these a lot to progress on his mission, which involves blasting lots of Imperial Officers.

Key - Unlike the Imperial Key, a regular Key is used in lots of keyholes. One key only opens one door however, and Kyle usually has to find the room that holds the key or the enemy that he has to kill to get him to drop the key. Keys are very useful and important items.

Battery - Batteries charge up devices like the Field Light and the Infrared Goggles, which is good because they seem to run out of juice fast. I usually find my batteries inside crates, in secret areas, and when you blow up a Mouse Bot.

Fuel Key - The Fuel Key is a strange looking key that looks like a Wrench. It is only used for certain things like Fuel Units or something like that.

Wrench - The Wrench is a useful item, even if you don't expect it to be. If you see one, grab it. They will come in handy where you don't expect it to almost anywhere you could think of. They work when you can't just use your hands or a key.

Shield Unit - Shield Units can be found all over the place from the first to last level of Jedi Knight. They charge up your shields (unless, of course, your shields are at full 200 power) and help you out when you take a shot or two to your armor. Apparently, as seen in the cutscene after you beat the first level, the shields can handle a TIE blast, as seen when the TIE Bomber shoots Kyle and he doesn't die. That must be powerful armor!

Shield Supercharge - This is a glowing armor vest that you rarely find. It makes you invulnerable for 30 seconds, so as soon as you get it, start taking risks and blowing away the bad guys!

Armored Vest - The Armored Vest is the same thing as the Shield Supercharge, but it doesn't glow. It boosts up your Shields 200 points! That's twice as big as it normally is! A very handy item indeed!

Weapon Supercharge - The Shield Superchages boosts up your shields, so I think you can guess what the Weapon Supercharge does! It looks like a small metal cylinder that is glowing and it doubles your fire rate with half the ammo for a limited time, so use it wisely and nail the bad guys!

Health Revive - The Health revive looks like a backpack with the red cross on it. It really helps you out, especially when you are in trouble. It brings you up to full health and full shields, no matter what you health and shields are at that moments.

Health Pack - Health Packs are very common, you get them since the first level. They are usually found after blasting an enemy. They look like small gray crates and they boost up your health 20 points.

Force Energy Boost - The Force Energy Boost will help you out whether you are in a Jedi Lightsaber battle or fighting Stormtroopers. It boosts up your Force 50 points in single player mode and 100 points in multiplayer mode!

Light Force Surge - Since there is no ammo for Lightsabers and not too many Force power ups, the Light Force Surge is very handy. I think Morgan and Rahn keep leaving some for Kyle when he chooses the Light Side at the end when battling Jerec. It gives the Light Side Jedi unlimited Force energy for 20 seconds which comes in handy in most lightsaber battles.

Dark Force Surge - The Dark Force Surge is the same exact thing as the Light Force Surge, but for the Dark Side Jedi instead of the Light Side Jedi. I doubt Morgan and Rahn leave any for him if he is on the Dark Side since they might be a little mad and very ashamed of his decision. But the Surge give the Dark Side Jedi 20 seconds of unlimited Force energy anyway.

Thermal Detonator Belt - Thermal Detonator Belts are really just belts that have 3 Thermal Detonators on them. If you don't just find them lying around in a dark corner or secret room or something like that, you can find them on dead Grans that carry Thermal Detonators.

Sequencer Charge - The Sequencer Charge is a mine that you can put on the floor and it will explode when an enemy trips it off. You can find them in Imperial Bases and stuff but be sure not to mix up the Sequencer Charge you can pick up with the one that explodes when you touch it or you're in trouble!

Energy Cells - Energy Cells are used as ammo for the Blaster Pistol and Blaster Rifle. They are very easy to find and they are all over the place since level 1.

Power Cell - Power Cells are another type of ammo like the Energy Cells. They are used for the Bowcaster, Repeater and Concussion Rifle weapons.

Rail Charges - Rail Charges are small yellow detonators that you use as ammo on the Rail Detonator. They come in three packs and explode as soon as they hit something after being fire, no matter what the target may be, whether it is a wall, an enemy, or yourself.

Stormtrooper Backpack - The Stormtrooper Backpack is a backpack that contains a Stormtrooper Rifle, energy cells and shield power. Kind of like a Star Wars Happy Meal.

Smuggler Backpack - If the Stormtrooper Backpack is a Happy Meal, the Smuggler Backpack is an Extra Value Meal. The Smuggler Backpack contains a Stormtrooper Rifle, energy cells, shield power and health power too.

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