Keep in mind that this site was the Keronian Bar when I was interviewed, so what I say may seem kind of old because it is!

The Keronian Bar Interview!

I couldn't believe it. Adam Rodman, the webmaster of Wilco On-Line sent me an E-Mail and asked if I wanted to be interviewed about the Keronian Bar. I was like, wow. Interview me? So, he interviewed me about my page and stuff about Space Quest. You can read the interview here.

Why did you decide to make a Space Quest site?

I am a longtime fan of Space Quest and I love to make Internet pages, so I thought why not make a page on Space Quest?

How long has your site been on-line?

About 2 months. I am very happy because I am getting over 300 hits a month.

What is your favorite Space Quest?

Space Quest 6 : The Spinal Frontier. I love how you are inside Stellar and I like the graphics and stuff.

What inspired you to give away Space Quest awards?

Well, there are like a million Star Wars awards, but there were like no Space Quest awards. And I know people love to get awards, so I thought, why not? Let's make a Space Quest award!

Why did you choose the Keronian bar?

I didn't just it to be a homepage, I wanted it to be based on a place from the Space Quest games. I just was playing Space Quest 4, trying to think of what to use. Then I went to the Keronian Bar and choose it.

Do you think that there will be another Bar site, like the Magmetheus Bar?

There is another bar site, The Orion's Belt, which is made by my best friend. He also asked me if he made a page on a Space Quest bar would be copying and I said no, I don't mind.

Are you actually an IG-88 droid in disguise who is planning to decimate the Earth?

I am not at liberty to answer that question.

What is your favorite section of your page?

Well, I have more plans for the page and it isn't yet done. My favorite section? Well, I guess the menu is what I am most happy with.

What part of your page do you like the most?

I am very happy with the pic of the alien from SQ7 in the menu. There are special thanks for people for giving it to me and stuff at the menu.

What do you think of my page? (a negative answer will result in tons of SPAM!!)

Cool page.

Any departing words for your fans? (hah)

Be sure to order a nice cold mug of Keronian Bar! Oh, and send me your own recipies for Keronian Ale and sign the guestbook!!!

You can view the interview at Wilco On-Line itself right here!

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