Characters - The Good Guys

Here we have the heroes of the game. Fighting for the sake of good, for the Light Side, for the safety of the universe. They alone will fight against Jerec's evil team of the Dark Jedis, even if they have to die fighting them.

Kyle KatarnKyle Katarn

Race : Human

Katarn is the hero of this game. This young mercenary starts out looking for revenge on the man who killed his father, Morgan Katarn. When he seeks information from 8t88, he stumbles into something bigger, which involves the Empire gaining it's power back and the galaxy ruled by fear and war again. When he finds out from Rahn in his dreams that it is his destiny to stop Jerec, the man who killed his Father, he goes to his old home and finds a lightsaber. He starts to learn the ways of the Force and uses the Force to fight Jerec, but Jerec has plans to turn Kyle to the Dark Side of the Force. Whether he uses his powers for good or evil is decided by the player.

Jan OrsJan Ors

Race : Human

Jan Ors is Kyle's long-time friend. Loyal to the Rebellion, she is usually flying the Moldy Crow and bailing Katarn out of trouble, as she does for both Rebel missions and Kyle's independent missions. Jan is always keeping Kyle briefed on anything he may need to know, since she is the only person Kyle trusts. But when she becomes captured by Jerec, Kyle must make a decision to stay on the Light Side or turn to the Dark Side. And Kyle's decision will decide if Jan Orcs will live or be killed.


Race : Human

Rahn spent years searching for the Valley of the Jedi. He encountered Jerec in his search and recognized his evil. He knew that Jerec would abuse the Valley's power. Later, he met Morgan Katarn and learned that the Valley did, indeed, exist and was not a myth as some say. He then saw a vision of what he had to do. Rahn tries to find Kyle Katarn, Morgan's son, to tell him his destiny. He gives his own lightsaber to Morgan, trusting it will get to Kyle. Rahn is found by Jerec when en route to Kyle and is killed, but his spirit tells Kyle in a dream of his destiny.

Morgan Katarn

Race : Human

Morgan is the father of Kyle Katarn. He is a native of Sulon and was slain by the Dark Jedi Jerec. While Kyle was at the Academy, the Empire brought darkness, fear and evil to his peaceful planet. Morgan couldn't stand it and joined the Rebellion's cause. When the Rebels helped the escaping Sulon citizens, Morgan discovered the Valley of the Jedi and told Rahn about it.


Race : Droid

Morgan Katarn built this household droid out of spare parts so that he would have a helper around the workshop. WeeGee has since then become part of the family and is trusted with many deeds. He stayed alone at the house when Morgan was killed, but eventually, Kyle Katarn came to get him so he could translate a Journal Disk for him. Kyle took him along with him and WeeGee became Kyle and Jan's friend and assisstant.

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