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Droid SalesbugHello, hello and welcome! I am the owner of this little shop. I am the best salesman in all of Ulence Flats. OK, OK, the only salesman in Ulence Flats, but I'm still the best. I won the "Salesbug of the Year" award! But hey, don't worry. My main concern is your happiness, not your money (he he he). I'm here for you, not to make a sale (bha ha ha). All I want is to help you make a smart purchase and to help you save as much money as you possible fan (har har har har). Anyway, you can check out all the robots I've got and I'll give you a price for the one you like. Then you give me the money and you take the droid with you. Easy enough, right? Oh, by the way, there are no warranties, refunds, guarantees, rebates, endorsements or anything like that. Feel free to browse.

NAV-201Nav 201 - The Nav 201 is a small, fiesty little robot. He is used mainly for navigating ships, but he is also a good companion. He is excellent at navigating through asteroids. In fact, this robot was owned by the Hero of Xenon, Roger....what was his name again? Oh yeah, Roger Wilco. Nav drove Roger through asteroids to sector HH and got his safely to the Deltaur, where Roger defeated the Sariens. Would you like to purchase this guy?

ArnoidArnoid - Here's a pretty well known droid. This is Arnoid, feared by people all around the world who have tried to outsmart the Gippzoid Novelty Company. Arnoid is the Gippzoid employee who terminates people who have done mail fraud or anything else bad to the Gippzoid company. He wears an invisible belt and usually makes himself invisible until he is about to kill someone. Arnoid was sent to kill Roger Wilco after Roger Wilco didn't pay for his whistle he purchased at the Gippzoid Novelty Company. Arnoid hunted him down and found him on the purple desert planet of Phleebhut. When Arnoid was trying to kill him, Roger killed him by luring him to the Pestulating Pod creatures. (Or did he use the gears in the giant Mog machine? I don't recall.) Roger even got the belt from him. I rebuilt Arnoid after purchasing his parts from Fester Blatz, who used to live on Phleebhut. Would you like to purchase this droid dude?

WD-40WD-40 - WD-40 was another droid who worked for the Gippzoid Novelty Company. She could become invisible without a belt and could fly. She was sent after Arnoid got himself killed. When she found Roger on the SCS Eureka, she ordered him to beam down to the planet Kiz Urazgubi or she'd destroy the Eureka and everyone on it. So Roger went down and while WD was searching for him, he dropped a rock on her. She lost her invisibility and got realled POed. While searching for Roger, Rog put a banana in her jetpack and she exploded. Cliffy, the Eureka engineer, put her back together (without the urge to kill Roger)and made the the SCS Eureka's science officer. Now, she can be yours! Wanna buy her?

WhistleLabion Terror Beast Whistle - This is a great item and collectors item. Used for hunting Labion Terror Beasts or for making doorways through large rocks, like Roger Wilco did. This thing will call a Labion Terror Beast, but be sure you are near water when you use it because it's the safest place to be from one of these beasts. Roger Wilco purchased one from the Gippzoid Novelty company, but don't worry, we won't send Arnoid or WD-40 after you if you buy it here. Interested in this object?

Duct TapeDuct Tape - That's right, duct tape! The most useful item in the world along with a good pair of pliers! This thing has helped Roger out in his quests, along with many other people in this galaxy. No one should be without a good roll of duct tape, and if you are, you'd better get one. Now's your chance! Wanna order this useful item?

I put in an order for more droids and items, so more should be here any day now. Check back here, or E-Mail me and tell me you want to be put on the Ulence Flats Update List and I'll let you know when I get some new ones!

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