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The enemies are probably the most important characters of the game aside from the heroes. Sure, the heroes are important, but if there were no bad guys, there would be no story! So I think we owe these 7 bad guys some recognition. And here it is! This page takes about 1 minute to load, but please be patient. It is worth it and you can read the information on the characters while you are waiting for the pictures to load up!

JerecName : Jerec

Race : Human

Jerec is the leader of the team of 7 Dark Jedis. He is surrounded by a darkness that has nothing to do with his lack of sight. Tattoos flow from the sides of his mouth and he hides his empty eyeball sockets will a thin mask that is similar to a blindfold. His embrace of the Dark Side of the Force give him powers that rival Darth Vader's. He is hungry for more power and has plans to take over the Empire and bring it back to live completely by gaining the power of the Valley of the Jedi. He has seeked it and got much information in finding it from Rahn and Morgan Katarn, two Light Side Jedis that he killed. Now, Morgans son, Kyle Katarn, will not only seek revenge, but will try to stop Jerec from taking over the galaxy. Jerec has the electricity bolt power similar to that of the Emperor Palpatine and the unusual power to cloud the Force from one's mind.

SarissName : Sariss

Race : Human

"Of all the Dark Jedi I have known and fought, Sariss is the one I can say I fear," Rahn quotes from his journal. Sariss is strong and powerful not only physically, but mentally, with the Dark Side of the Force. She is usually quietly observing every detail when she is not fighting ruthlessly. She is a perfectionist and is one of the most powerful of the 7 Dark Jedi. Sariss is loyal to Jerec, but would switch over to another more powerful Dark Jedi in a second, but since Jerec is one of the most powerful Dark Jedis in the galaxy, she hasn't really had the option.  Sariss often uses the Deadly Sight force power when battling and can take weapons from her enemy (with the acception of the lightsaber).

BocName : Boc

Race : Twi'lek

Boc is probably the nuttiest of the Dark Jedi team. He has quite a sense of humor when he has you in a corner. Boc is very fast, can jump very high when battling and fights expertly with two lightsabers unlike any of the other Dark Jedis. He is crude, loud and almost clumsy. He is definitely a dangerous foe, powerful with the Force and irritating as well. Boc talks strange with pauses between every few words and can sense enemies through what appears to be "smelling" the air.

MawName : Maw

Race : Nikhto (Thanks Go Out To Live4Lego For Telling Me This)

Maw was cut in half by Rahn just before Rahn was killed by Jerec. Unfortunately for Kyle Katarn, Maw survived this and was put onto a hovering device to move around. Maw is a creature of evil and anger and being cut in half has only had him angrier and more evil. This anger keeps his aging body strong. Maw uses his anger when he battles Kyle Katarn, as well as a spinning lightsaber slice move, the Force throw power and his hovering ability to escape when he's in a jam. Maw shows no fear when battling or even when he is defeated.

YunName : Yun

Race : Human

Yun is the youngest of the Dark Jedis and the newest addition of the team. Yun is always feeling the need to prove himself to his master Jerec. He is also very anxious to engage his first battle with a Light Side Jedi. He wouldn't loved to fight Rahn when Rahn started to fight Jerec and the other Dark Jedis, but Rahn stole Yun's lightsaber from him and Yun couldn't fight him. But he is the first Dark Jedi to fight Kyle Katarn. However, Kyle defeats him and does some damage to his ribcage area with a lightsaber slice. Kyle let him leave alive and Yun gains some respect for him. Yun is pretty fast, but a little to anxious. He often uses the Blinding, the Persuasion and the Throw Force power. Yun believes that all Jedis, Light Side or Dark Side, deserve a battle-to-death, not just an execution.

GorcName : Gorc

Race : Ssi Ruuvi (Thanks Go Out To Live4Lego For Telling Me This)

Gorc is the twin brother of Pic, which is hard to believe since Gorc is twice the size of Pic. They appear alike accept for clothes and size however. Gorc is a tall, slow and immovable object unless Pic stirs him up. And if Pic is killed, Gorc is even faster to seek revenge to whoever the killer is. Gorc's lightsaber is custom-made, much bigger than the average saber. Gorc usually uses the Grip Force power against his enemies.

Name : Pic

Race : Ssi Ruuvi (Thanks Go Out To Live4Lego For Telling Me This)

Pic is the smaller twin brother of Gorc. Pic is only 2 feet tall (can you believe there is a Jedi who is shorter than Yoda?) but is faster and probably all and all more powerful than Gorc. Pic does the talking for the team between himself and Gorc. He is also more evil and fiesty. Pic uses the Persuasion Force Power and uses it to get close to the enemy so he can attack accurately.

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